Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sophomore Whippersnappers

Clarification: I'm not actually a sophomore (anymore). However, I don't have much to write about regarding this past week, and seeing how I had so many groovy times last year but kept next to no journal, I decided I'm going to write a little tribute-to-Brookview-17-and-the-former-inhabitants-therein post! Here we go...

Fall Semester:
The proof-that-we-live-here picture!
On our way home we stopped by the duck pond south of campus. Next time, we should let the ducks join our picture. Especially since we have such an awesome relationship with them, after having one ding-dong-ditched at our doorstep late one night in honor of Sam's birthday...
Speaking of Sam's birthday, these pictures were taken at her party! Sam is super awesome and I am so glad I was able to live with her! She is enthusiastic about everything. I loved how all I had to do to make her jump was walk in the room and say hi. I loved having so many classes with her Winter semester--her crazy, fun spirit kept me going through our late nights in the library. I love her so much! "SNAP DIGGETY!"

Near the beginning of the year, a group of us from the ward went up to my old stomping ground, Aspen Grove, to hike to Stewart Falls! It was fun seeing the falls actually flowing and not frozen over like they were when I first got to AG. Everything was so beautiful and it was the perfect fall weather for a hike!
Leah worked with the Residence Halls Association for Heritage Halls, so basically she planned really awesome parties! Ashley and I went with her to this BYU Football Party she helped organize, where we hung out with her and a lot of crazy freshmen. Leah is always super dedicated to her work and does an awesome job! She is really great at making sure everyone is having fun and feeling included. She also has an awesome laugh! Plus, there's never a shortage of peanut butter when you live with Leah..."STOP. STOP JUDGING ME."

Halloween! I don't even remember what our jack-o-lanterns ended up looking like. But, we had fun making them! Especially Ai, apparently...

Here is Ai, with her face showing! I love this picture (even though it's fuzzy) because it's quintessential Ai (as in the girl, not the subjective first-person singular pronoun). Ai is from Japan - thus the name written in Japanese in ketchup on one of her amazing omelets. I had the joy of eating one of those omelets with ハナwritten on it, and it was divine. Besides being a fabulous cook, Ai always has awesome words of wisdom to impart unto us, and is just plain hilarious. "SOMETIMES I WANT TO HIT MY HEAD WITH THE WALL."
After running home one Sunday night in the rain...I like how this is one of the few pictures we have with all 6 of us roommates in the same picture. Just for all of our future progenitors...L-R is me, Sam, Ashley, Leah, Jordan, and Ai.

 The obligatory fall pics with the roomies. But aren't they great?! What a beautiful day and a beautiful campus. Amy Witt joined us in our pictures since Jordan wasn't there. She is probably one of the funniest girls I know! We always loved having her come visit :)

Another voyage to Aspen Grove! I used to clean this room...this time I got to party in it! Ward Christmas Party 2011 :) (once again, please excuse the fuzzy picture...)

Let's name all of the reasons why we are so excited here: (1) BYU won the basketball game! I think...maybe I'm just assuming we did because we're THAT AWESOME! I don't think we did actually. But it was a blast. (2) 2-for-1 pie shakes at Sammi's! (3) DONE WITH FALL SEMESTER FINALS. What a great feeling :)

 Winter Semester:

People always say that Sam and I look alike...actually some even thought we were sisters. Haha I don't know if I see it! But, I don't mind being compared to Sam :)
At the Hunger Games midnight premier! I did not want to go to this...but I'm so glad my roommates made me go! It was so worth it. Plus we had some intense roommate bonding while lost in the hills of Bluffdale...
Kinda love this picture of us. I'm so so happy that I get to room with Jordan this year! Jo is so much fun to talk to and just chill with! I've loved the times we've cooked, watched movies, gone to the gym, and practiced piano together. I love how she always laughs at my dumb jokes and weird stories. Def more fun times to come (she also LOVES it when I shorten words). "FOR REAL?!"

I don't think I have ever seen such amazing and hilarious pictures in my life as these three. Seriously. Where was I when this was going on?! Love these girls.

Ashley! I couldn't have asked for a better room roommate. She is always super optimistic and a really great listener. I seriously feel like hanging out with her made me a better person! Plus she always let me steal her clothes ;) And every time I hear a weird hiccup, I always think of her. "TRUE THAT."

Cute pics. But this is what college really is like...

Crazy hair, retainers, and no makeup. I love roommates.

 Wohoo! These are the times when I LOVE COLLEGE! (k maybe not the falling asleep while reading a textbook times, but the others :) ). Thanks for making it a great year! Can't wait for all the fun times to come!


  1. Oh my gosh Hannah! Why must you be so dang adorable, witty, smart, hilarious, and gorgeous all at the same time?! Oh right, you're related to me!

  2. Um why are you so nice?! Seriously. I love you so much! And yeah, I definitely learn from the best! ;)