Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ok so I've really wanted to get a blog post up about my trip to the Bay Area this past weekend, but I've been swamped with school and work already (as in, I already fell asleep on the couch while attempting to finish all my reading...and then woke up at 3am and figured I was awake enough to get some more reading done). So, until then, I just thought I'd make a quick complaint (sorry).

Textbooks! WHY SO MUCH MONEY?! Ok so usually they're not that that bad because I've gotten fairly good at getting them for cheap and then selling them again. But this one is going to hurt. $72.70. For this piece of paper. These are the worst ideas because making me pay so much money for a one-semester online access code completely prevents me from buying it used or ever hoping selling it again! Oh woe is me.

My eyes look kinda funky. They've been acting up lately. Thus the glasses.

I better say some "thankfuls" now that I've thoroughly complained: I'm here, at college, at BYU for that matter, getting a really awesome education, and at least I have a couch to fall asleep on. Plus I have a job, an apartment, and awesome roommates. K cool. Now I'm going to break the seal on that piece of paper and, in doing so, seal my fate to $72.70 gone for good.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Disruptive Technologies

I promise this has to do with something somewhat interesting. the beginning of this term (which, btw, will be over in 3 days!!), we learned in my I SYS 201 (Information Systems) class about disruptive technologies and paradigms. It was actually really fascinating. Basically, a disruptive technology is a new way of doing something that initially goes against what seems to be the needs of the customers, but which actually meets a specific need and in time is improved upon until it actually beats out the old way of doing things. For example, digital photography was originally way inferior to chemical photography, but it met the needs of people who wanted a simple, portable device to take pictures with. Over time, disruptive technologies become the new sustaining technologies. This often occurs along with a paradigm shift - a new set of rules or ways of seeing things. Paradigms are super interesting (I'm a nerd and these are one of those things I sometimes think about while I lie in bed before actually falling asleep...) but are kind of a topic all on their own. So to try to keep things as short as possible, basically many times companies suffer from "paradigm paralysis," and they aren't able to see why the new technologies are worth their time. Many companies that were once huge, well-known, and established companies and now long gone because of their inability to adapt to changing technologies and changing paradigms. Here's the kicker for me: it's not the technology itself that causes the downfall of these companies - it's their inability to change their existing business models to adapt to the new technologies.

Well, all this discussion about disruptive technologies and paradigm shifts made me think of my own life; specifically, about the changes I've experienced that could, in a way, be like my very own "disruptive technologies." For example, some people wonder why I'm even taking I SYS 201 in the first place. Why? Because I, once again, have changed my major. After 2 years of agonizing over a major, I've decided to apply to the BYU accounting program! And this is a prereq. Along with M COM 320 (management communications), which is the class I'm keeping this blog for in the first place. There are a lot of reasons behind this decision, but this post is already wordy enough :). But basically, it made me realize how change isn't a bad thing, just like how disruptive technologies aren't bad. They actually make our lives a whole lot better. But the key is being able to adapt to the changes and not be paralyzed by my own paradigms and inability to change my own "business model." Another thing that got me thinking is this: when companies choose to adapt to new technologies and new paradigms, they are taking a great risk. Like I said, these technologies usually start out quite inferior to the existing ones, and certainly don't usually make business sense. However, those companies that are brave enough and have the foresight and innovation necessary to make these changes are the ones who win in the end. I realized that I need to have the courage to make changes in my life that I feel are important too, no matter if other people tell me if they "make sense" or not. 

Disclaimer: I'm not saying I'm not ever going to make any more decision changes. I still have a lot of life planning to do! And I'm a girl, I'm allowed to change my mind ;) But, I'm happy with my life right now. I've learned so much in the past couple of years, it amazes me! And I'm so grateful to be here at BYU at this time of my life :)

Oh, here's where I tie in my survey - for the M COM 320 blog assignment, I had a few requirements to meet - include links, include pictures, include a video, and include a survey. Well, this is my last required blogpost (don't worry, I'll still keep posting!), so I thought it's about time to include a survey. I asked my facebook friends how many times they'd changed their majors. (I've changed mine officially 3 times...but probably changed it in my head at LEAST a dozen.) Here are the results!:

Number of times major changedNumber of peoplePercentage
More than 412.17%

Also, am I allowed to brag that I just coded that table using HTML? Just another trick I learned in I SYS ;) Also...I was kinda hoping I'd have some more company in my little poll (as in, I was hoping others had changed their major as much as I have!), but I guess most people have either not changed their major at all or only changed it once. Oh well! Like I said, it's not about what other people think, right? :)

PS I got a haircut! It feels great! So even though that has nothing to do with anything here, this post is kinda boring so I'm going to post a I-got-a-haircut-picture (also it's straightened, which is a very rare occurrence). Actually I found a really fun webcam thing online and got kinda carried away, so I'm just going to be vain for a minute and post four pics. Also don't mind the old high school tshirt...or big pimple...k cool. ciao! te amo!

Monday, June 4, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

I always kind of want to shoot myself every time the last two weeks of a term/semester comes along (I don't actually have suicidal tendencies, no te preocupes). So, as a little almost-finals-therapy, I decided that for this week's blog (which is due in like half an hour) I'm just going to list a bunch of stuff that makes me happy! Yay! Feel free to take any hints as to how to make me happy ;)

Things that make me happy:
  • The Sound of Music (and basically any awesome musicals)
  • the utah mountains
  • walking barefoot
  • this girl: 
(let's be honest, I pretty much love youtube videos in general. And movies.)
  • my "Can't Help Falling in Love" Pandora station (if you ever desire some rockin music, try this one out. seriously.)
  • a really good piano practice (but only if it's a good one haha)
  • roommates
  • guffawter
  • this blog post by lovely roommate emily as well as this blog in general
  • validation. including the youtube video by the same name
  • aspen grove
  • chocolate, ice cream, pizza, curry, french fries, rice, ...
  • really nice guys (being attractive doesn't hurt either, let's be real)
  • nice people in general
  • my crazy family
  • being mormon
  • when I wake up and the sun's shining
  • belting showtunes
  • big cities
  • the beach
  • singing in awesome choirs
  • saying random spanish phrases
  • successfully helping people
  • africa
  • running (didn't think I'd ever say that haha)
  • watching the olympics (as of this moment: 51 days, 18 hours, 38 min, and 30 seconds left!)
  • really awesome books, like LOTR, anne of green gables, and to kill a mockingbird
  • phone calls home
  • funny dreams
  • randomly running into my favorite people
  • being ahead of schedule
  • talking a LOT :)
  • planning road trips
  • good hair days
  • closing all my computer tabs after I finish a project
  • the moon
Life is so good! even during finals :)