Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ok so I've really wanted to get a blog post up about my trip to the Bay Area this past weekend, but I've been swamped with school and work already (as in, I already fell asleep on the couch while attempting to finish all my reading...and then woke up at 3am and figured I was awake enough to get some more reading done). So, until then, I just thought I'd make a quick complaint (sorry).

Textbooks! WHY SO MUCH MONEY?! Ok so usually they're not that that bad because I've gotten fairly good at getting them for cheap and then selling them again. But this one is going to hurt. $72.70. For this piece of paper. These are the worst ideas because making me pay so much money for a one-semester online access code completely prevents me from buying it used or ever hoping selling it again! Oh woe is me.

My eyes look kinda funky. They've been acting up lately. Thus the glasses.

I better say some "thankfuls" now that I've thoroughly complained: I'm here, at college, at BYU for that matter, getting a really awesome education, and at least I have a couch to fall asleep on. Plus I have a job, an apartment, and awesome roommates. K cool. Now I'm going to break the seal on that piece of paper and, in doing so, seal my fate to $72.70 gone for good.

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