Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Let Freedom Run"

Super cheesy title, but that's what's on the back of my race shirt. So it's not me, it's them!

Anyways, I ran my first 10K race today! It was awesome. I've been trying to work up to this for the past two months, so I really wanted it to go well. I'm not a naturally talented runner, so it's been a challenge! It was legit though. I woke up at 5:30 (k that part wasn't legit) and found these adorable notes all over the apartment from my awesome roommate, Emily, plus some sweet post-it notes from Jordan. My favorite would probably have to be the one of the toilet. What the random?! Here they are:

 Palolo was super sweet and got up early on a holiday to take me to my race so I wouldn't have to walk or worry about traffic. I have great roommates.

The run itself was actually a lot of fun. The weather was perfect - sunny but mostly under the shade, with the nice morning air. I loved running down University Avenue and Center Street and around there because there were so many people lined up for the 4th of July parade who kept cheering us on. It totally made a difference! It was just so much fun. The hard part though was the last about 3/4 of a mile, which was an uphill finish so it killed. I thought I might just die right then and there (I didn't, in case you were worried). I got a really bad cramp right at the very end, but luckily I was able to just run in and finally stretch it out. I had guessed that I'd run the 10k in about 64 min, but what I was really hoping for was under an hour...and I got 58:58! It's not a great time, but I was pretty excited. That meant I ran at a pace of 9:31/mile, which is better than my goal of 10/mile, and I got 24th place out of the 16-19 yr old girls. Whatever that means, haha. Anyways, of course the best part was all the free food, waterbottle, and medal at the end ;)

When I got home I made my roommate take a picture of me so I could commemorate that I actually did successfully run the 10k. Thus the awkward setting of the picture...
sweaty...also, one day I'll actually get real running shorts so I don't have to keep wearing these Del Mar PE shorts haha

Ma numba. The medal spins too, it's pretty sweet.
 Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!


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    1. haha this is such a gross picture. But thanks hot stuff ;)

  2. HANNAH--you are a rock star. seriously. i'm so impressed with your independency w/ the whole thing! you stayed committed to running--and you even raced when none of us could run with you ( lets be honest--we couldn't have kept up) or cheer you on! I am soooo proud! Half-marathon is next! you go girl!