Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Philip from UVU

As some of you know, I tend to have really vivid and sometimes quite entertaining dreams. I hadn't remembered any from a while...until last night. It was awesome.

There was some mini-terrorist attack that a bunch of crazy Americans were reeking on the US in a kind of protest/demonstration against government. It was pretty scary (but like a good chick-flick, any fear was overshadowed by the knight in shining armor). I ended up getting stuck on the top of some building while everything was blowing up around me, and this super good-looking guy told me to jump and held out his arms to catch me. I said "Are you sure?" and he assured me that he was, so I jumped, he caught me, and we fell really far but of course landed perfectly softly. He was super good-looking and his name was Philip and he went to Utah Valley University (even though we were in NYC). I kissed him on the cheek (this is a big deal, guys) and decided I'd marry him.

So if anyone ever runs into an attractive Philip from UVU, feel free to send him my way.