Sunday, August 5, 2012

And the saga continues (or something like that)

OK so remember that last post I made? The one about the crazy dream with Philip? Anyways, for my humanities class I had to do a "creative works" project, and one of the options was to write a Petrarchan sonnet (basically a poem with a set meter and rhyme scheme, about an unattainable love, with introspective aspects, and lots of fun poetic devices). Considering my significant inexperience in the field of love, I decided I'd just write a sonnet based off of that dream. Please don't take it too seriously haha. Also, it works best if you read it in a dramatic voice, out loud, to some unsuspecting person nearby:

It was a peaceful dream that night alone
I slept, though not at first it seemed to be;
For all around was hot, I sought to flee,
But trapped I stood above and thought to moan;

Until I saw a man I had not known,
With eyes so blue and vast as is the sea.
He spoke and bid me jump, with him be free,
So I obeyed (and daily now atone).

It was into his arms I jumped—I flew;
We fell so far but not a sound did make.
He saved my life but killed me even so,

For but a kiss exchanged it was not true.
Alas—my heart! Ere long I did awake.
This stone within me cries that all is woe!

Don't judge, I had to fit it into a super strict structure! But it was pretty fun.

Anyways, I've continued to have many more crazy dreams since then. The other night I was pregnant and trying to figure out how to tell my parents (that was pretty stressful). Last night I dreamed that I was in Brazil and was bored so I decided I'd just go walk to Libya (which in my dream was in northern South America), but I didn't make it all the way to Libya and just turned around when I got to Lesotho. Fun stuff. Sometimes I just get excited to go to sleep.

Well, sorry all my posts are about dreams lately! They're about the best I have for now haha. Less than one week and I'll be home!!


  1. Whew! Think I'd better get out of the kitchen!!! ;-)

  2. My dreams are crazy too! I totally know what it feels like to have dreams like that. I guess it really does make life a little exciting to dream :)

  3. bahahahahah.

    1. im so disappointed i wasn't told the about the 2nd dream in person.
    2. i loved the poem. ah, because it was freaking hilarious.
    3. you better believe i'm going to read that poem at your wedding dinner the night before. like, seriously.
    4. this just totally screams "HANNAH MARIE WHIPPLE." which was really good, because i've been lacking that in my life lately, almost withdrawls actually.
    5. my heart just dropped. i come to provo in 9 days, only to realize you are going to be GONE.
    6. NOT OKAY. we did not plan that well....AT ALL.
    7. love ya
    8. just be great. (it rhymed with 8, thats all ;)