Thursday, August 16, 2012

It might be the laughing gas...

Got my wisdom teeth out. Hands down, one of the funniest experiences of my life. This is what I look like as I write this:

That hot new accessory? Two ice packs wrapped in nylons and tied around my head. That's right, I'm wearing pantyhoes on my head.

Ok so here's the story. Mom and I walk into the maxillofacial surgery office at approximately 8:53 AM on Thursday, August 16, 2012. The receptionist is so nice that I can't understand her when she asks for my name because she won't take a break from smiling in order to talk clearly. Anyways, we get all checked in and before too long, they call me back and ask me if I'm excited, to which I reply in the affirmative (because actually, I kind of was). For a split second, when I realized my mom wasn't coming back with me, I got super nervous - but then remembered that I'm 20 and I think I can handle it ;)

I sat down on the chair and two hygienists started talking to me and asking me questions at the exact same time. It's a good thing I'm a girl, or else I totally would not be able to understand what anyone was saying. I don't remember exactly what they asked, but stuff like when was the last time I ate, am I allergic to any medicines, yadda yadda. One looked like she was about my age and boy, she sure seemed excited for some reason. They were both great though.

Before too long they put a mask over my nose to "help me relax." It just felt kinda strange. And they kept kept talking to me (I started getting slightly annoyed, which is probably how people feel when they've been around me for too long haha). One girl, the not-so-talkative but still-super-nice one, tied a ridiculously tight rubber band around my arm, told me to pump my fist (at this point I started getting kind of dumb and didn't respond as well, so she had to tell me a couple times and help me out a bit), and stuck the IV in - which DID NOT HURT AT ALL. It was great! (and after getting blood drawn on Tuesday, I now have two holes in my arm, which I am quite proud of). Also, every time I get any blood work or whatever I always get complimented on my beautiful veins - it's a greater confidence booster :) All of a sudden, though, I started feeling really sick and dizzy from the laughing gas. I didn't say anything because I get dizzy really easily and I thought that maybe that was part of the process of going to sleep, but I just wanted it to come sooner because I felt terrible. I just wanted to close my eyes because I felt so dizzy, but I had this fear that I would close my eyes and they'd think I was asleep and start the procedure but I wouldn't actually be asleep, so I tried to keep them open. Luckily I think the assistants noticed something was off because the first one said, "You doing OK?" I said I was, because I just assumed it was all normal, but then the second asked, "Do you feel dizzy?" When I said yes again, they both seemed surprised and a little concerned, and I realized it wasn't normal. The assistant turned off or down (not sure) the gas, and I felt better almost right away. Next time, no laughing gas for me! I hated that stuff, and the IV didn't even bother me so I don't think I needed it.

Like I said, the assistants just. kept. talking. I realize now it was probably to make sure I was still alert and such. One kept asking me stuff like what high school I went to, where I'm from, where I go now, what I'm studying, why I'm studying it (she didn't realize how much I have to think to answer these questions!), and "you've never had any cavities, have you?" and when I said I have she said, "oh it must have been on your baby teeth" and then I lied and said yes, even though I got two fillings just a week ago, because I couldn't seem to think enough to explain that. Finally, the doctor came in, said "I'm going to put you to sleep now," one assistant stuck a thing in my mouth to bite on to keep it open, the other started putting vaseline on my lips, and the last thing I remember is her telling me that they'll take it off at the end.

Boom. Half an hour later, and I'm short four wisdom teeth. I think I might have dreamed a little, at least in my not-quite-asleep-or-awake stage, because it seems like I remember there being something right as I woke up, but I don't remember anything now. Bummer. I barely remember sitting in the waiting room and having my mom ask me if I was ready to go, to which I stupidly shook my head no. I have absolutely no remembrance of how I got to that room, but evidently I walked there, with a lot of help haha. I was seeing double of everything, but I have super vague memories of people helping me walk to the car and not really being able to walk (or see) straight at all. It was super weird. I woke up a lot more in the car though, and I started getting kind of silly I think. I just thought the whole ordeal was so funny! My face felt HUGE - I was numb all the way up to my ears. And I was just thinking about how it was a good thing I wasn't allowed to drive because I'd see two yellow lines to every one. I kept trying to talk and convince my mom that I was totally awake and fine, but I think that might have just made her think I was crazier because I was like, "Ma bwain ith working thothally fine, I justh canth thee or thalk right!" And I kept laughing. Classic.

When we got home I knew I wouldn't be able to walk myself in quite yet, so my mom grabbed Victor and they both walked me inside (still seeing double). I was seriously cracking up, because in my mind, IT WAS HILARIOUS. Like, funniest thing ever. Finally Victor was like, "Hannah. You. Are. High."

I sat down on the couch, where I stayed for the next several hours. My mom tried to give me some pain meds and antibiotics but my mouth was so numb that I couldn't swallow, and I choked and spit it up everywhere. Gross. Also I had to go to the bathroom like, 3 times in about 2 hours. That was probably way TMI, I just thought it was oddly interesting. My mom had to help me make sure I could walk there on my own the first time - it took me much longer than I expected to fully pull out of that anesthesia! I kept stubbornly thinking I was totally fine, though, and I even tried to blog right when I got home, but it took so much effort just to type in my laptop password that I decided it would have to wait. I rested for a while, but didn't actually sleep that much. At one point my mom asked me if I like jello and I was like, "I lif in Uthah, of courth I like jello." It was orange and yummy.

Anyways, that's about all the good stuff. Later I was finally able to swallow my pills, which I was quite proud of. And I kept talking away in my terrible lisp because I just had so much to say, but finally my speech came back too. Victor and I watched some mafia show on TV, which I got about 10% of, and later we watched "Pursuit of Happyness" which was awesome. My mom was an amazing, sweet nurse and made sure I was comfortable and fed with delicious watermelon and other yumminess smoothie concoctions. After the movie my mom took me over to Lizzie Tutt's house, as she also got her wisdom teeth out today, from the same doctor! It was like a little play-date because my mom actually had to drop off and pick me up again. Good times. My cousin Cali came over too and we all had a fun little party. With bags of ice. Like this.

Same job, same church calling, same home ward, same school, and now same wisdom teeth extraction day!
Dinner tonight was broccoli soup (which was surprisingly yummy) and more orange jello. My only regret is that I forgot to ask to keep my teeth, which I told Kristina I'd do. They'd probably be pretty gross though because they hadn't grown in yet (they were still impacted) and the doctor had to split my bottom ones in half to get them out. Wonder what that looked like. Anyways, all in all, quite the exciting day :)


  1. oh my heck hannah. i can not believe i missed such a monumental event in your life. it makes me alittle sad! your story is freaking hilarious--which i'm so jealous of because i did have ANY meds! :( so no cool story for me! you look freaking hilarious too! its a good look :) jk
    wahho! way to go! you might be short 4 wisdom teeth, but you are still just as smart to me! (obligatory roommate cheeseness :)


  2. hahaha Emily, you are my favorite. Thanks for the roommate cheeseness, for as obligatory as it may be, it still makes me smile :)