Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grandma Christensen: 1937 ~ 2012

Late last night I was leaving campus and was about to go to the temple when I received one of "those" calls -  my dad telling me that my Grandma Christensen had passed away. This totally came as a surprise for me, because I had not even known that she had been so sick for the past two weeks. But, I also felt so much peace. I love Grandma so much, and I am going to miss her and visiting that house that my mom grew up in. But it just makes me so happy to think that after 13 years, Grandma is finally with Grandpa! She missed him so, so much, and I just know she must be so happy right now. On her way to the hospital yesterday, apparently she said to my aunt, "If I see the bright light, I'm going for it!" And I don't blame her.

I was just thinking today about the good memories I have of Grandma and decided to write these down as I think of them. I wish I had spent more time with her, but I am so thankful for the wonderful times we did have together. I love you Grandma!!!
Look at all that love!

Memories with Grandma:
  • riding in her/Grandpa's big van. I was always so excited to ride in that thing!
  • sitting in Caribbean water, finding pictures in the clouds while fish swam all around us
  • Grandma always coming out to graduations and weddings, even if that meant driving and flying by herself
  • going fabric shopping together
  • Grandma being there when I found out I made it into Zion Choir in high school
  • Grandma always being super supportive of me while I tried to decide what to major in
  • talking to her on the phone...and finishing with Grandma telling me she loves me
  • spending time at Karissa's house with Grandma and the boys
  • Grandma talking about Grandpa and how much she loves him

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  1. It made me really happy to see this, Hannah. I love and miss her too. Too bad I was waiting until her birthday to call her. I should have called her when I thought of it, so that I would have gotten to talk to her. But it is okay!

    I have great memories of her too:
    1) clothes shopping together
    2) having her braid our hair in the Caribbean
    3) how she named her car "Larry," after grandpa
    4) Sitting down with her arms wrapped around me as she explained to my seven year old crying self why we couldn't have a campfire when we went camping, due to the dryness.

    She was always so supportive of us, and I agree with you that she was awesome for coming to our high school grauations!

    I love you Grandma!