Friday, November 16, 2012

You know you're a (byu) accounting student when...

*You get really excited about the Church auditing report
*You randomly look at companies' financial reports, just for fun
*You make choices based on the materiality of consequences
*You think about ways you could potentially defraud businesses, including your local grocery store
*You generally wear one of two categories of clothing: (1) freebie t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the like from recruiting companies, or (2) business attire for your interview/presentation/info session/career fair/cute boy in class
*You score free meals several times a day
*You know that a "macc" isn't a computer, it's a graduate degree
*You also know that B.S. isn't an acronym for a swear word, it's one of the financial statement reports
*Your favorite pick-up lines are ones like "Hey girl. Will you be my going concern?"
*You make accounting jokes, all the time.
*You get told that you need to work on lowering your GPA and increasing your experiences
*You get confused for a split second when someone says they're auditing a class
*You put a running agenda on every powerpoint presentation you make
*You panic as much about misplacing your financial calculator or iclicker as you do your phone or keys

[list subject to increase.]


  1. wait, you're an accounting major?!?! since when? i thought you were neuroscience the last time i checked.. hmmm :P