Sunday, April 21, 2013

why Iowa rocks.

Did myself some research on Iowa. As in, I actually went to the biblioteca and physically checked out two like 4th-grade-level picture books on the state. Here's what I found out ;)
  • Shawn Johnson, Johnny Carson, John Wayne, Herbert Hoover, Buffalo Bill, Glenn Miller, Fred Maytag, and Captain Kirk are all Iowans
  • Iowa caucus! Gotta love the swing states, and Iowa is swing state #1
  • 3rd largest insurance capital of the world
  • Iowa sent the highest percent of its male population (ages 15-40) to serve in the military during the Civil War out of any other state, north or south. go figure.
  • Des Moines is a lot of fun to say, whether you say it right or not. If you say it right, you sound kind of French (because, well, the French settled it first...told you I've been doing my research). If you say it wrong, you can sound like a hick (dess moynees) or like a gangster (dez monie$). Either way, it's a fun time.  
  • Iowa Stubborn is just about the greatest song ever. You should check it out. One of my favorite lines? "'Good afternoon Mayor Shinn!' 'It is if you want to go around in your drawers all day.'" what a gem.

  • It's featured in Map #5 in the Book of Mormon Church History maps ;)
  • The Church history pictures #13-16 are also in my mission!
Carthage, Illinois
  • my ancestor, Parley P. Pratt (a prominent leader among the early Mormons), established refugee settlements in Iowa
  • Food Capital of the World...makes sense now why I was sent there, eh?
  • pretty much the picturesque American dream
  • John Deere.
  • summers are warm and have awesome thunderstorms (we won't talk about that "w" season)
  • the man who painted this picture, Grant Wood, was an Iowan. I guess you can decide for yourself whether this actually makes Iowa really awesome, or...not.

  • Its capitol bldg is the only one with 5 domes.

  • it actually has a pretty sweet skyline
  • corn. also beef, hogs, and soybeans.

  • Divine Comedy did a sketch on it. Actually on my very mission! (please note that they're a comedy group, so what they are saying is all in fun and humor haha):
  • The Des Moines Iowa Mission has some of Missouri in it, which is where my sweet sister met her sweet husband ;)
  • My mission also includes Nauvoo (and Carthage!). But anyways, the name Nauvoo comes from the Hebrew word for beautiful plantation, or place of rest. Judge for yourself...

now I've got you all convinced, don't I? :) 73 more days!!!