Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm going on an ADVENTURE!!!

can you see the resemblance? Bilbo and I, we go way back. 
and here is the long-awaited explanation of what in the world I've signed up to do for the next year and a half, as I'm sure some of you were wondering! Or, you weren't, and this actually isn't long-awaited. But we'll just pretend that y'all have just been sitting on the edges of your seats.

Basically, I am serving an 18-month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Why? Well, it's a little easier to explain through a couple of links! (or, I'm just lazy.) Here is a good explanation for why people go on missions, and what Mormon missionaries actually do (and sorry to disappoint my dear musical theater friends, but it's not quite like is shown in the musical...I mean, I am going to Iowa, which isn't quite Uganda.)

I also have this really hilarious friend who wrote a hilarious blog post explaining the whole shabang. I'm linking that here too because well, it's hilarious, and a pretty good explanation too. She doesn't know I'm linking it, so if you see this Kristen, well, thanks. But I think we're pretty safe, seeing how she's on her way to Japan and probably won't even be on her blog until she gets back in over a year. sweet deal.

So, that all explains the logistics and general idea of Mormon missionaries. So why me? Basically, I've wanted to serve a mission since I was pretty young. The truths that I believe and have learned through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bring me so much peace and joy, and I want to share that with others and at least give them the invitation to experience that in their own life. I have studied the doctrines of my Church, I have prayed about them, and I believe them to be true. I've read the Book of Mormon, as well as the Bible, and I believe them to be the word of God. I know that I have a loving Heavenly Father and a Savior who gave His life for each of His children - that's all of us! And I want others to hear that good news too :) When it came time for me to decide, though, if this is what was right for me to do - if God really would have me give 1 1/2 years to serving as a missionary - I prayed and studied and researched a LOT. Finally, I feel at peace with my decision to go - and I'm so excited! It's going to be the experience of a lifetime.

I love Iowa already, and I have faith that I was called to go there for a reason! So, uh, now is when I petition your loving hearts for letters and/or emails! The contact info is in the right banner of my blog. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without, minus the do without. Also my awesome sister Jenessa has agreed to update this blog with excerpts from my letters so you can see what I'm up to once in a while, if that kind of thing tickles your fancy.

One more thing...if you ever see a couple of Mormon missionaries, do me a favor and think warm thoughts about me, give em a smile, throw them a water, or if you're feeling really brave, say hi! Who knows, you might even like what they have to say ;)

Oh man, I love you all!!!

my mission! sorry for the bad quality.
when/how did this happen?!

my cutest little sister  (and me...) on our last Sunday together

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  1. Ahhh!! When did this happen?! I don't know if I am ready, haha. anyways, I will be writing you emails weekly, and maybe you will be lucky enough to get a handwritten one!! By any means, you will be getting a birthday package sometime around your birthday, but I'm not promising it will be on the exact day :) I love you lots sis!!