Monday, July 29, 2013

Mini Mission and Mini Miracle

Doesn't it just warm your heart to read the letters from Sister Whipple?!  I think it is a really good thing she is a fast typer, or else we wouldn't get such long, detailed letters, haha! She has LOVED all the emails and letters you have all sent, so thank you!!  Enjoy this one :)

"Don't I look like a sister missionary? haha"
The girl in the middle is the young woman who was on the "mini-mission"
My heart is so full after reading all your emails :) Thank you! My bad, my bad for the whole you-thinking-pday-was-on-tuesday ordeal. I lied. It's on Monday. But it's OK, I was fine and figured that was it. 

Brrr I'm sitting next to an AC unit and it makes typing hard...

But really you all are the best! About the subject line, we had a 16-year-old young woman join us for a "mini mission" from Fri - Sun, so that was fun! AND, we had a little miracle!! We were given a list of "potentials" from the elders, and one was a lady who was tracted into (I think) in April. The notes next to her name said something like, "golden contact, black, believes everything we believe." We're like (1) why did no one ever go follow up, and (2) let's try her first! Haha. So we went over and she was out smoking (we'll work on that later haha) and at first had no idea what we were talking about, but finally she remembered that she HAD met the missionaries so she asked us for a card with our number and we gave her a card (we had put our number on all of them). We were a little bummed while leaving because we hand out tons of those and no one EVER calls, but we had a message when we got home from her, asking us to call back! We called back and she was super excited and said she wants to learn more! So we are going tonight! We might have been jumping up and down a little haha. There was a farewell party going on upstairs with like both Dubuque Wards there (the Beytien family, who we're staying with, has parties and people over all the time!), so we went upstairs and kept telling people haha. Woops. We were just really excited. So we are excited but nervous about teaching tonight so we're definitely praying a lot!

So that was definitely the highlight. We also met with a lot of ward members this week because we had the "called to serve" sister (that's the mini mission) and they (the ward/bishop) didn't want them to have to knock doors for 9 hours a day, so we would meet with the members and give them a little message and sometimes eat with them (FINALLY). It was so great! We are starting to gain their trust and they're starting to tell us about their friends/loved ones who might be ready to hear the gospel soon. So happy about that. I love this ward! I am working so hard to learn people's names. I know it better than the Leonora Ward now...haha woops again. I'll be better about learning people's names when I get home now. 

"Trying to capture the fields on our way to pick up the other sisters from
1st ward. They were beautiful."

I'm bummed because I had written throughout the week things I wanted to tell you in my planner, and I forgot my planner! A missionary without her planner is like a fish without his cigar! I mean out of water! (That was for you Dad. I might have butchered it, but you know what I mean ;) )

Oh my birthday! It was fun! It feels weird to be 21. For some reason that seems OLD to me haha. Like, I'm a legitimate adult. It's weird. But I got calls/texts from the DLs, ZLs, and my MTC companion (somewhat allowed because her companion is our sister training leader! score!), and the Beytien's had us for dinner and made us cake. They are super nice. Especially the grandma, Sis. Baetes. It's pronounced Bates. That's the thing about Iowans - they spell everything SO crazy haha! As another example, there's a family called the Knightings but they spell it something like Gneitings. Haha it drives Sis Call and me crazy! Oh but also my friend Katie Berns ding-dong-ditched a bunch of goodies at the house in the morning! She's the best!

Still struggling a little with feeling like I'm doing enough, but I'll keep working. Thanks for your encouragement.  I'm still trying to figure out how to talk to people more, but I'm really excited because we have interviews tomorrow with Pres Jensen and they say to come with questions, and boy do I have them! I love him and am excited to meet with him, even if only for a few minutes.

Oh haha funny story. We visited a lady who is recently reactivated and is working towards the temple to do baptisms. She is not really completely all together mentally. We meet with her about once a week to help her read scriptures and such, and when we got there it was in the middle of a crisis. She has those regularly. She thought she was being evicted, she was freaking out, etc etc. Sis Call and I totally dumped the lesson we were going to teach, I suggested the story of Alma's people being taken captive by Amulon, and we read through that and talked about it, and prayed for help and comfort. Finally the sheriff came and it wasn't an eviction notice, just a subpoena to appear in court because she had witnessed a car accident. She was soooo excited and was like, "we need to pray!" and in her prayer thanked God for lifting her burdens, just like in the Book of Mormon story :) It reminded me so much of Dad's home teaching visits and all the times he had to intervene in all the crises of these dear people's lives hahaha.

"One of the many corn fields! I finally had Iowa corn last night and it
was really yummy :)"
We walked a lot this past week because we didn't have the car, but we really enjoyed it! the weather was a lot cooler. I actually had to wear a sweater the last 2 days. But it's warmer today. Yay! Also there are minimal sidewalks here, and it's funny because they disappear out of no where. Also there are tons of hills in Dubuque (not like the rest of Iowa) so we are hopefully getting really nice calves haha.

A happy note though, I was thinking/studying this morning about how I need to be better at working with my companion in more love and unity, and when we were thinking about what to teach to a less-active family tonight, she suggested a chapter (3 Nephi 17, love it) and I was like "I just flipped there!" and she gave me a high-five. Love it when we think of the same thing and it's like that 2nd witness that it's probably the right thing to do! Because sometimes I wonder if I'm really being led by the spirit, because it's hard to always know if you're in tune and such.

I love you all so much! Thanks again for your love! This church is true and even if no one wants to hear about it, at least I get to bear my testimony at so many people's doors! ;) No but really I just try to remember that they're children of God and that I am just sharing what I know to be true! Mom and Dad, you've mentioned you're reading Preach My Gospel (PMG), and I can't believe how much I learn from it every time, even when I've already read it before! It really is scripture, and it is powerful. 

Love you all :)

Sister Whipple

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