Monday, August 19, 2013

"A Wild Man Hath Come Among Us"

The corn fields in Cascade
Hey familia!
So, this week has been one of learning and switching up the companionships for a bit! Wednesday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders, and I was with Sister Anderson. She is amazing! I learned so much from her and just wish I could be more like her! But I'll get there :) She was a great example of how to talk with everyone, and I'm working on that more and more. I'm still not as good as I want to be, but I think my companion thinks her companion's "a wild man" or something haha. Not really. I wish I were that bold, but I'm going up to people and talking to them more so that's fun and it makes me feel more like I'm actually fulfilling my purpose. On Friday Sister Call went with Sister Oman (1st ward) to training for new trainers, so Sister Monroe (1st ward, came out with me) and I were together! That was fun, I love Sister Monroe. At the end of the day though, it was nice to have MY companion back :) Sister Call is so sweet to me! We have gotten a lot closer I think. Apparently the leadership thinks we're a great companionship, or so she said from what she heard at training :)

Sister Anderson and Sister Whipple at the River

Being senior companion got easier, as did backing out of the garage ;) 

A Hello Kitty Toaster?! Awesome.

We are building relationships with the Marshallese more and more! There is an article about them in an Ensign from a year or two ago, I meant to bring the exact month with me but I forgot. But anyways, we helped teach the FHE lesson and of course they fed us, and then on Wednesday night they had a farewell party for Elder Peter, who was being transferred because we got a new Marshallese-speaking elder. The Marshallese are sooo giving and throw a party for every missionary who leaves. It was at this park on an island in the Mississippi and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Soooo cool. We were in Iowa and could see Wisconsin and Illinois :)
My District on the Mississippi River
(The Elders are floating!)

We also started volunteering for 3 hrs/wk at Hills and Dales, a place that provides tons of services for people with disabilities! So far I love it! Everyone is super nice there. I got paired up with one young lady with disabilities, who's sooo sweet. We just played games and hung out with the other people in the day rehab facility. She can't verbally communicate, so I get to practice my ASL finger spelling, and when she needs she can write/text what she's trying to say. Fun stuff!

We love service projects!

Appointments almost always seem to fall through! Haha but I'm trying to keep a perma-grin because hey, I'm a sister missionary and sister missionaries are supposed to be overly happy, right? Haha but definitely the hardest thing right now is keeping our schedules full. I want to be super busy all the time and work really hard, but that's so hard to do when looking at a blank planner and trying to decide what in the world you'll do that day. Pray that we'll find more people to teach por favor! And that people will come to church. 

Saturday morning we drove to Cascade, which is about 30 minutes away, to deliver a Nauvoo pageant referral CD. The guy we gave it to is moving to go to school at Idaho State on Tuesday, and his girlfriend is a member and is going to BYU-Idaho. He has a Book of Mormon and has already been taking lessons. Golden! While we were down there, we dropped by a member's home. She is so sweet and we're so glad we got to go by there because she lives on this corn/soybean farm, is recently retired, and is the ONLY active member in the whole town of Cascade (her husband and son aren't members), so it gets lonely. But she is so amazing. We were saying it must be hard to have to travel so far for church and everything, and her response was, "Well, the Church is true." Like, no duh! Haha we wish we could help everyone have that attitude.

Yesterday was stake conference, which was good. In the evening we had our weekly dinner - meaning amazingly delicious feast - at the Beytien's home with their bunch. We love them! And we were able to teach a lesson, which was good. One of the ward members dropped us off at a potential's apartment, and we caught the lady we were going to visit outside. It was a great little conversation with her, the elders had given her a Book of Mormon back in September and she felt so bad for having lost it but she was really excited when we gave her a new one! She was great and mentioned how they're struggling with her mom, who's developing more and more dementia, and I was able to relate there with her because of Grandma. We will visit her next Sunday and have her number, which is good. We also talked to a crazy man outside their apartment complex who wasn't all together but was a hoot and fun to talk to. We extended him a commitment and had a prayer right there on the street, so bam! Count it as a lesson haha.

I love you all so much! I think of you often but try not to do it too often, because then I miss you more ;) Thanks for all your support! And your letters this week! They mean so much! I love you and know this gospel is true and it brings so much joy!

OH! One more thing. I got my new scriptures that I had pre-ordered! They are the new edition! They are so cool and I am having so much fun marking them up and having fresh new scriptures - first time since I was 8! ;)

K love you!

Sister Hannah :)

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