Monday, September 30, 2013

make a joyful noise!

One of the girls in our ward, who's 8.
I love her.
She loves me.
We're a happy (ward) family!
haha I'm so cheesy.
Here we are at the Beytien home, with one of their MANY Halloween decorations!

Hi wonderful people,

We helped out in primary yesterday (super fun) and one of the boys said, "I don't sing." The primary chorister was adorable and talked about how in the hymnbook it says, "make a joyful noise" - not that we have to sing super well. I thought that was so cute and someday, I'll have a cute little home and maybe be more artsy than I am now (ha!) and maybe I'll have something that says "Make a Joyful Noise" above a piano or something. Cute, huh?! Ok back to missionary work :) ...

Sis Hill, Sis Murphy, and us
Well, my cold was a pain but it got better and didn't go to my lungs, so, tender mercy there! I was so scared of getting ANOTHER cough and having to go on antibiotics AGAIN (that would be the third time in a year), so I was so happy when I got better and hardly coughed at all :) Also, fall is beautiful here! The weather has been so nice! (except when it randomly pours haha)

We had exchanges again this past week, so I spent the day with Sister Hill and Sis Call went with Sis Murphy, our sister training leaders. Sis Hill and I ended up with the not-as-successful day (kinda reminded me of Ammon's brothers getting the lot of the more hardened people in the Book of Mormon), so that was a little disappointing, but Sis Call and Sis Murphy had a really great day! They set a baptismal date with one of the Marshallese ladies we teach!!! It is for Nov 9 but she needs to see when she has work off. She said that she doesn't want to be baptized if she can't come to church every Sunday (THANK you! someone seems to understand! haha) so she was supposed to ask her boss if she can change her schedule to get Sundays off. She's so hard to contact so we haven't found out yet what the boss said. We have an appointment with her on Wednesday. We're praying it worked out! Sis Hill and I had a dinner appointment with a fun family, who's dad works for John Deere. I wish I had taken a picture of the table settings. The place mats, silverware, plates, and like everything was John Deere! It was so funny. I love it. 
a fun little woody spot we found in the middle of
 a neighboorhood, so we had a mini photo shoot.

Fun fact, we got a new assistant to the president because one of ours is heading home, and it's Elder Anderson, who was our zone leader! I'm so excited that I'll actually know one of the AP's, and he'll be great. That was fun. 

On Saturday morning we contacted a girl who was a former investigator but who the elders could never teach because her mom didn't like them coming over. She is 18 though so I didn't feel bad about trying by anyways. She is super sweet and I loved talking to her. She also works two jobs though so that makes it tricky, but she said we could try by again this Saturday. She had a super sweet spirit, I hope we can teach her more and that she can have the desire to learn more!

Saturday we taught a nice family. We taught about families and showed them a Mormon Message about how our families can be together forever. They liked that, but the dad still says that he's Catholic and that he's already gone through his search before and feels he's where he's supposed to be. But, when we invited him to church, he asked the two adorable boys and they were like, "yeah!!!" They were so excited to come! They don't have transportation so Saturday night we set everything up with transportation, gospel principles, fellowshippers, etc....and then when we went to their apartment Sunday morning with their ride, the mom said they had a family emergency and couldn't come. I was sooo disappointed. Is coming to church so impossible?! Because we haven't had a single investigator to church and it's so frustrating. Thankfully the man who was going to give them a ride served a mission (stateside) and was super understanding, and by the end of Sacrament Meeting I was feeling better. Haha I was so sad, but it's ok. The gospel's still true :) Oh but on a good note, the dad said the most beautiful prayer at the end of the lesson! Afterward he said something like, "it's been a while!" It was a testimony-builder to me of why we have them pray. We invited him, he said he didn't really feel comfortable, we kind of just sat there and smile for a sec and then he just said it. Haha I love it when we just let there be silence for a couple seconds so they give in ;) It goes against all of my natural instincts but sometimes, it works!
 saying goodbye to a sister who's headed (soon) to Jackson MS for her mission! We loved getting to know her, she's wonderful.

Wasn't the Relief Society broadcast great?! A sister in our ward brought her nonmember friend and with all the talks about covenants, I wanted to turn around to her friend and be like, "Want us to help you make some covenants right now?!" haha. She is great, we are working with her little by little. Other members brought two other less-actives, which was so awesome! I love it when the members do that, and then they have fellowshippers and friends right there. We were so grateful. Thanks for all you do in supporting the less-actives - you have always been so wonderful at that!

Well I'm senior companion this week and next Monday, we get transfer calls! With it being the end of my training, it is almost certain that one of us will leave. We kind of have a mutual agreement that I want to stay and Sis Call wants to go - which probably means it'll happen the other way around ;) We'll see! But we will miss serving together, we've definitely grown a lot closer!

I love you all so much! I am so grateful for the Atonement and for a living prophet on earth today. I love the Book of Mormon and all of the scriptures and I love sharing it with others! I am sooo excited for General Conference this weekend! Enjoy :) Thanks for all your love and support!

Sister Whipple

Monday, September 23, 2013

a couple three things

my sweet Marshallese nametag! I don't know how to pronounce any of it, except that Jesus Christ is basically the same, just with a thick accent ;)

Hey familia y amigos! 

Thanks for your emails! It makes me so happy to see how well everyone's doing. You all amaze me :)

I noticed (well, Sis Call noticed, and pointed it out to me) a funny little saying here: "a couple three." Such as, "we only have a couple three minutes left," "a couple three years ago," "I learned a couple three things," etc. What does that even mean?! 2? 3? A couple of threes, so like 6? or 9? Haha it cracks me up! But I love the people here, for the most part they really are the down-to-earth kind of people who quietly serve others. They are great!

Some funny stories from this week...
  1. Last Monday, we got a kick out of what a mess I was! I couldn't decide what to wear that morning and threw on like 3 different outfits before I finally decided on one and ran out the door. I was struggling all morning with my slip because it kept showing underneath and I kept pulling it up but it kept peaking out anyways. When I got home, I realized that I was wearing TWO slips, and I had kept pulling up the short one instead of the long one! Haha I died! At least Grandma had the excuse of dementia when she wore multiple pairs of underclothing! Also in my hurry to leave I ended up with a spoon in my purse, but forgot my grocery list. We all had a good laugh.
  2. Thursday afternoon, Sis Call and I had several hours so we walked a couple miles to Univ. of Dubuque to contact some people over there. We were hot and sweaty, and I was thinking about how beautiful the clear sky was with the white puffy clouds. A couple minutes later, Sis Call comments on this dark cloud coming quickly towards us. So, we decide to head home and grab our raincoats before going to our appointment with a member couple we meet with regularly, just in case. It started sprinkling a little, but wasn't a big deal. Then some bigger raindrops came, but it still wasn't much, and Sis Call commented how "at least it's not like yesterday morning(Wednesday morning was pouring rain, so we got a ride to our service), and we laughed about how there were rivers of water going through the streets that morning. Almost as if on cue, this huge sheet of rain just started coming down, HARD. We were laughing so hard and running/fast walking the rest of the way home through this crazy rainstorm, singing "repent and be baptized" and jumping over the newly formed rivers of water that were now rushing through the streets, again. By the time we were back home, we were literally as wet as if we had jumped into a pool with our clothes on! We were soaked completely through and could wring out our clothes and have tons of water come out. It was so funny. It was also really sweet though because the other sisters texted us to make sure we were OK, the lady we had the appointment with called us to see if we needed a ride to their place, and that night when there was another thunderstorm, the elders called us to make sure we were OK :)
new tan lines and getting completely soaked,
all in the matter of a few hours
Drenched from the rain

On Tuesday we had zone training in Clinton (about 45-60 min away), and the assistants to the president were there. They gave a great training on President Jensen's new counsel to us! They also talked a lot about helping members to become "FFT's" - finders, fellowshippers, testifiers. If we get the members on board with us, we will be able to become like the ward the assistants serve in in Des Moines - they have had over 60 baptisms over the last 12 months, with 93% of them still active! That makes them the #1 baptizing mission in North America! And it's in OUR mission, and is all because the ward is SO engaged in the whole process, from finding to retaining. It was exciting to hear about. It is a little overwhelming because we have a lot to do and still don't really know HOW to do it all, but we are working and praying. 
in Illinois for the first time

boring picture, but it's of
crossing the river!
Tuesday night, Elder and Sister Thomas went with us to a family's house, which is across the river in Illinois! The lady there is a wonderful member who lives with her almost-16-year-old twin daughters in this crazy awesome house in the depths of these beautiful country hills. They have to drive about 45 min to get to church every Sunday and Wednesday! It was so fun to go there though. A girl in the ward who is leaving on her mission soon went with us too, so it was great being there with everyone. The house is made out of a Civil War-era silo and is super original. She served an amazing dinner and we went on a little walk through the woods around her house, so that was really neat :)
Spiral Staircase at the Silo entrance

me in front of the silo house in Illinois
Cow crossing the road...I'm in Illinois!
  view of the River and I think Galena, Illinois

We also had a really good dinner at the Beytien's last night. There were a couple non-members and one less active, and the message we gave was probably the best one we've done so far, especially since we had some good discussion/input from others. There was a really good spirit, and we were happy about that!

We also were able to teach a lady and her family, the ones we helped with their groceries! They are probably one of the most loving families I have ever met. The dad is Puerto Rican and the mom is black, and the two boys are soooo sweet. The 7-year-old said he doesn't like school - he loves it! They are so sweet. So far they don't seem to have a whole lot of desire to change - they say they're happy and they don't feel a need to go to church every week to be good people - but hopefully they will feel the Spirit while they read the Book of Mormon and will want to learn more! They laughed when we extended the baptismal invite - haha that was interesting! - but they said we can come over again next Saturday. He grew up Catholic and she grew up Jehovah's Witness, so it's a good time! But like I said, they are soooo nice. One thing I am trying to figure out is a good balance in my teaching - I feel like either we have a really well-planned lesson that is well-organized and everything but that doesn't do a great job at teaching to the individual needs and circumstances and following the Spirit and everything, or we have a lesson where we really try to follow the Spirit and listen to the individuals, but our lesson is all over the place and doesn't seem to make a lot of sense! It's frustrating. But I hope that this doesn't cause us to keep losing people. Like, one lady who hasn't called us back when she says she will, and we were so excited to teach her again. I get scared that we're never going to be able to teach anyone more than once! If we even get to teach them at all :P 

I got a really nice email from Pres Jensen this week, though! Here it is:  
Thank you for your letters. It was wonderful to see you at the Mission Tour Zone Conference. I am so pleased you learned so much and are using the principles in your teaching. I just know that Father in Heaven loves you. You have dedicated your life to being in his service as a full-time missionary. You are studying hard and you love your companion. He is training you and guiding you through the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. I know you don't think everything is going as well as it possibly could or that you are doing enough. But, please be patient. Father in Heaven is crafting you and shaping you to be a tremendously powerful missionary. This takes some time to polish you. I know he has wonderful people prepared for you to teach and baptize. I have great faith in you. Sister Jensen and I love you.
Why is he so awesome?! He is so good at just loving us.

Oh another thing: I'm kinda sick :( I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago with a super sore throat, and then yesterday I was congested all day. So it's just a head cold, but I hope it goes away soon and doesn't go to my lungs AGAIN! I can't believe how much I've been getting sick - I didn't get sick once from the beginning of my sophomore year all through my junior year, even though those were crazy stressful years, and since then I got sick when I got home from school, when I was in the MTC, and now again. But I will get better soon :)

The other day Sis Call and I helped a sister in the ward make this delicious tomato soup, and then yesterday we took it and a loaf of homemade bread to her neighbor with her! She is an 83-year-old lady who was really nice and talked a lot. She was open to us coming by and seeing her again, so we'll try to do that and see if we can give little messages here and there and she how receptive she is to that. She has a Virgin Mary on her front lawn :). We had some soup and bread to take home for ourselves as well! It is delicious. It is a white sauce-based soup with fresh homegrown chunks of tomato in it, so it's not super tomato-y like out of a can. Sis Call and I also got to help on Saturday with the family history conference. We met lots of nice people and learned more about family history, which was good!

you know you're Mormon when you walk home carrying
homemade bread and tomato soup!

I love this gospel and I know that great blessings and joy come from sharing it! Thanks for your wonderful examples. I am so grateful for prayer and to know that Heavenly Father hears me and cares about little me and my concerns! I'm grateful to know that this Church isn't led by just anyone - it's led by God Himself! So we can't go wrong as we follow the counsels of the prophet and the gospel of Jesus Christ! 5 more days until the General Relief Society Mtg and 2 weeks until General Conference (and transfer doctrine!)!

I love you :)
Sister Whipple

PS Sis Beates said last night that Sis Call and I are like her granddaughters! yes! success! Grandma Beates it is! haha :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

and, it's fall!

I wasn't going to send this one, because it's gross, but then I realized
how funny it is. This was obviously a hot day haha. But who
wouldn't want to accept the gospel with these cute girls showing up
on their doorstep?!
Thanks for all your letters and support! I love them and appreciate how you are always so nonjudgmental, supportive, and understanding :)

It's been a pretty good week and we've stayed busier, which has been fun! Monday and Tuesday were 100 degrees and humid, and now it's like 50's and 60's, and it rained a lot yesterday! But that's OK, I'm trying to stay positive about it being colder, especially since the colder it gets, the closer it is until Christmas! (and you know what happens on Christmas!) Too bad that only works through December haha.

Here's some sad news, but I promise there's good stuff coming up: on Monday, we had the idea to stop by the home of one of our past investigators and give her an invitation to the Relief Society ice cream social on Tuesday. We have been able to chat with her a couple times since she dropped us, so we figured it would be OK. She tells us to call her before we come over, so we did - twice, and left a message. We went over anyways. She was livid. She was like, "Why didn't you call me?!" when we said we did, she said, "So I didn't answer and you just came over anyways? Don't you come over no more!" I handed her the invitation anyways, but holy cow did that one hurt! It was like ripping off the scab from the previous wound :P. She will always hold a special place in both of our hearts, and we just pray that someday she will remember the good feelings that I know she felt and turn to the gospel again.

Ok now for the good stuff! We had our first lesson in a member's home on Wednesday! The member family is so great. She is from Ghana! She is so nice and works with another Brother in the ward at IBM. We taught her the Restoration, and that Brother was a lot of fun and a great asset to have there. She's not officially a new investigator, because we don't have a firm return appointment, but we are really hoping we'll be able to meet with her again this week. She is Methodist and is the kind who seems to be looking for the truth but doesn't know that that's what she's working with, so we are really trying to help her to feel the Spirit and have those experiences. She also had a really cool dream about a Mormon lady giving her a check for $1 million, and because of that and other experiences she's had, she views that dream as a member of the Church giving her something of immense value...sweet, right?! I hope we can help her!!!

And in no small coincidence, we had a mission tour the next day in Iowa City with Elder Robert C. Gay of the 70, who was a mission president in Ghana! He told us about a man and his dreams and how he prepared the people of Ghana for 14 years to accept the gospel. It was amazing. That story is featured in "Pioneers of Africa," and we are hoping to show parts of that to Vera, especially since she specifically asked how missionaries got to Ghana. We are excited about that. So anyways, about the mission tour in general, we were in Iowa City all day with training, which was a wonderful experience! The first half of training, I was completely overwhelmed - discouraged, frustrated, feeling so weak and incapable. Elder Gay talked a lot about the importance of listening to both our investigators and the Spirit, and he was very bold (those who love us, chastise us! but he did so lovingly) and I just felt like I would never be able to do it. I was having all these feelings like I just wanted to go home (I won't, don't worry) or crawl up in a ball and cry. It's hard to explain. Well, we took a break for lunch (which was delicious) and went back for more training, and suddenly I felt so much more at peace! Pres and Sis Jensen and Elder Gay were so loving and reminded us all that "whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies." I remembered that Heavenly Father doesn't want me to feel discouraged. He loves ME - weaknesses and all. It was then such an overwhelming feeling of love, and I was so grateful. As a whole, it was an amazing meeting and the Spirit was so strong, especially as we listened to this Special Witness of Christ bear witness of Christ! Needless to say, by the end, I was exhausted - but happy :) Oh and it was so so fun seeing my friends from the MTC, as well as seeing Elder Caleb Wardle! He has been out for 2 weeks and it sounds like he's doing great! 

Elder Wardle and me!
(We grew up together in the same stake in CA)

Those of my MTC district who were at the mission tour (it was half the
mission on Wed, half on Thurs): Elders Eastwood, Manning (from Hawai...
clearly haha), Wood, and Olsen, and Sister Kissner, me, and Sister Stoffers.
It amazes me how much I love these people after spending just 2 weeks
with them!

Another cool experience: On Saturday, Sister Call and I decided to walk to the good 'ole Butterfield apartments, where lots of our potentials live, to try checking in on some people and inviting them to church. No one was there. As we were walking back home, we saw a lady struggling with her groceries. No one ever lets us help them when we offer, but we both quickly stuffed our books into our bags so our hands were free and I said, "Where are you headed? We'll help you carry your groceries there!" haha I didn't want her to say no. Well she let us, and it was great because then we saw the rest of her family come (they were still walking from the parking lot so we didn't see them at first), and it was her, her husband, and her two kids (7 and 8) struggling with this huge load of groceries. We helped them carry them to their apartments at Butterfield, which was about 2 blocks away. They were so nice! They came from Chicago to get away from all the junk going on there and try to get their kids to some better schools. They said we could stop by whenever, and I asked if we could come by sometime and share a message about Jesus Christ (we couldn't right then because we had a dinner appointment), and they said we could come by during the weekend, since they both work all day during the week. That was really fun. Oh and when we walked into their apartment they didn't have much, but they did have a Chess board out, and the dad said that he's teaching his boys Chess because it's good for the brain :) I told him about my dad and that made me smile!
Sister Call's MTC companion is training my MTC comp! Also, it was
frustrating because of course, the one day that was a mission
tour was my bad hair day. haha oh well. I promise it looked
better the next day!
We also had a good lesson with our inactive family. Actually we didn't teach much of a lesson at all, because we really felt like we just needed to listen and let them talk. The mom (who's only like 22 or 23) talked a lot about her past and her worries and things like that, so we ended up learning a lot about them and felt like she really needed that time. It felt good to be able to do that. We will teach more next time.

The RS ice cream social was fun, even if the lady we invited wasn't there, and we got to meet some other non-members, so that was good. Also, a cute girl at Hills and Dales painted our nails, which was fun - I'm sad I didn't get a picture before we took off the nail polish, but it had to come off pretty quickly because it wasn't the best polish job ;)

We've been having more meals with members, and we finally got our meal coordinator! I also had my first time as a missionary forcing down something I didn't like (usually it's steak/chicken, potatoes, and corn!) haha! This cute lady was excited because her neighbor gave her "fruit salad" so she decided to have that for dessert instead of making brownies. Well, this fruit salad was some mayonnaise-heavy sweat cream mixture with macaroni noodles, raisins, and some weird kind of dried fruit or something. It was pretty bad haha...her husband was like, "you should've made the brownies." Haha but it was fun and at least she wasn't the one who made it, though she was also the only one who enjoyed it I think!

I think that's about it for now. I am trying to read all of the last General Conference talks before this GC, which we are super excited about!! I am enjoying reading the talks. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful for the clarity and direction it brings in life. I know that it's true! Thanks for teaching me the gospel and being such a support! I love you all!

Monday, September 9, 2013

remember that one time...

...when I thought that going to a large stateside mission meant I'd be driving all the time? Yeah me too! That was a good one!

Haha how are you all doing? Last week I accidentally spelled Yokwe wrong, there's actually no "h"...but it's pronounced like y-ah-k-way. haha that was terrible and probably didn't help, sorry :)

I promise we're all really happy! haha.

So this week was kind of long, but still good. It was super hot and we DIDN'T have the car this time, thus the subject line :) Friday was the most we've walked - over 11 miles! I was grateful to have good shoes (thanks Mom :) ). It's always fun showing up at doors/members' houses dripping wet haha! Some people will proceed to tell us how it's too hot to be outside and we're like....yeah, you're telling us, WE'RE the ones out here! Let us in! haha but that doesn't really work. :) 


Oh! But good news! We have been working with an inactive family and a less-active lady, and they BOTH came to church on Sunday! The family only stayed for Sacrament Mtg but the lady stayed all three hours. That was a huge miracle :)

We had a couple of fun dinner appointments this past week and have some more coming up, so we're excited about that. We were supposed to get a meal coordinator this Sunday, and (funny story) when the bishop sat down after announcements and Sister Call whispered something like "no meal coordinator?" to me, I suddenly realized what happened and dropped my hymn book out of shock and frustration. haha woops! We really had to control our laughter then ;) It will happen this Sunday though! Can't wait!

Right now I'm just struggling with feeling like we're doing enough, are being diligent enough, etc. Honestly it's hard for me to be junior companion; I thought I was good at "following" as well as leading but when I feel like we should be doing other things and have a hard time communicating that, or when I mention ideas and they don't seem to be taken seriously, that's really hard for me. Often I feel like I'm alone in efforts to be more diligent, talk to more people, etc. I'm sure that's not true, but it's frustrating and I'm really trying to work on my charity and patience as well as my diligence and trying to follow the Spirit. It's HARD. But I've also been working on keeping a list of tender mercies in my planner, so that's fun. :) And I'm trying to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior through more fervent prayer and scripture study. And, I am trying to trust more that even my weak attempts are accepted, because it says over and over again that Heavenly Father will make weak things strong!

I love you all soooo much! Oh that reminds me...the other day, I realized just how much the gospel has really saved our family. I have always known the gospel HELPS our family, but it suddenly occurred to me that it's more than that - I'm not sure if our family wouldn't have fallen apart at some point if it hadn't been for the gospel - commitments to temple/marriage covenants, principles of love and forgiveness, knowledge of a Savior, eternal perspective, etc. I hope that doesn't come off as a negative view of our family, because that's not how I mean it at all, and knowing how awesome you all are, we may have just pulled through anyways. But I am so so so grateful to have the gospel in my life and my family!!! Thank you!!!  I'm praying for all of you :)

Sister Whipple

we decorate our planners....the left one is
last transfer's, Sis Call made that one for
me as my trainer. You can 
You can tell I'm a
 little more lazy when it comes to decorating ;)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

clickety click click

Yokweh! (like Aloha, but Marshallese :) )

After getting caught in a rainstorm!

You know what today is? Click day number 2! That's so crazy. I don't really have the "I'm new" excuse anymore, I'm getting old! Did you know that over 50% of our mission is less than 6 months old? Poor Iowa haha! But thanks everyone for your emails, I just read them all and like usual, they warmed my little heart :)

I have a lot to say today, sorry in advance....

Yesterday (Labor Day) was so great! The weather was perfect, and we got a P-day even though we didn't get to email today, so we had more time to do other things. Our whole district came over to our house and we had leftover pulled pork from the ward party and a bunch of yummy sides that everyone contributed. The Thomas' (our senior couple) brought over Uno and taught us the "Thomas rules," which is basically like an "Ultimate Uno" game, and it was a blast. Then we went to the park and played volleyball, which was so fun! I'm really glad we got a district P-day because we just found out that Elder Jordan is being emergency transferred tomorrow. In the evening, we went to a Marshallese FHE at the park, and Sister Call and I taught a short lesson about the gift of the Holy Ghost. It felt really good. I love being able to teach and bear testimony because it really does strengthen my own testimony. And like I said before, it always makes me feel like I'm in Other Side of Heaven haha! Right before we left, one of the cute little boys, who's about 4, got my attention and pointed to a little girl who had cut her finger on a soda can. I had a bandaid in my purse, so I was able to get it out and put it on her finger, and the two of them promptly felt better and ran off to play again. It was super cute.

Speaking of the ward party, we had a "hoe-down" with the Dubuque 1st and 2nd wards and DeWitt branch on Friday! Right before we went there, Sister Call and I got caught in a random rainstorm and of course didn't have our raincoats. That was fun haha. The party was fun and we got to meet some nonmembers and get some potential investigators/referrals! YEAH! We also finally have a meal coordinator! YEEAAAHHHH! haha.

"Only in Iowa"

Labor Day Lunch (minus me, I'm taking the picture)

The other day while volunteering at Hills and Dales, there was a girl who always looks like she's on the verge of tears and doesn't verbally communicate at all. I didn't have anything to do, so I went and sat by her, and she just sat there and held/played with my hand while looking out the window. It was really sweet, and I just felt Heavenly Father's love for this girl, which was a cool experience.

I got a cute sidebag at a boutique! And it was only $20! was probably only $20 because it really doesn't hold up all that well haha. So that's kind of annoying because I might have to get ANOTHER one, but I'm not worrying about it too much and will figure it out as I go. 

Last week was incredibly hot - schools got out early every day because they don't have A/C! Luckily, we had the car for the week - poor elders! But seriously, I feel like something's wrong with me sometimes, my back drips with sweat like no other, and Sister Call's doesn't ever do that! Haha it's gross! One night there was a HUGE thunderstorm, and our bedroom was lit up for about an hour or so from the lightning. It was crazy. 

Otherwise, life has been pretty good! I've been learning a lot from Nephi - count your blessings, go to the temple often, have complete trust and obedience in the Lord, don't waver in the face of criticism/opposition, etc. He's pretty rocking. Thanks for being my family, you all mean the world to me. Love you tons!!!!

Barloyuk! (see ya later)

Sister Whipple