Monday, September 30, 2013

make a joyful noise!

One of the girls in our ward, who's 8.
I love her.
She loves me.
We're a happy (ward) family!
haha I'm so cheesy.
Here we are at the Beytien home, with one of their MANY Halloween decorations!

Hi wonderful people,

We helped out in primary yesterday (super fun) and one of the boys said, "I don't sing." The primary chorister was adorable and talked about how in the hymnbook it says, "make a joyful noise" - not that we have to sing super well. I thought that was so cute and someday, I'll have a cute little home and maybe be more artsy than I am now (ha!) and maybe I'll have something that says "Make a Joyful Noise" above a piano or something. Cute, huh?! Ok back to missionary work :) ...

Sis Hill, Sis Murphy, and us
Well, my cold was a pain but it got better and didn't go to my lungs, so, tender mercy there! I was so scared of getting ANOTHER cough and having to go on antibiotics AGAIN (that would be the third time in a year), so I was so happy when I got better and hardly coughed at all :) Also, fall is beautiful here! The weather has been so nice! (except when it randomly pours haha)

We had exchanges again this past week, so I spent the day with Sister Hill and Sis Call went with Sis Murphy, our sister training leaders. Sis Hill and I ended up with the not-as-successful day (kinda reminded me of Ammon's brothers getting the lot of the more hardened people in the Book of Mormon), so that was a little disappointing, but Sis Call and Sis Murphy had a really great day! They set a baptismal date with one of the Marshallese ladies we teach!!! It is for Nov 9 but she needs to see when she has work off. She said that she doesn't want to be baptized if she can't come to church every Sunday (THANK you! someone seems to understand! haha) so she was supposed to ask her boss if she can change her schedule to get Sundays off. She's so hard to contact so we haven't found out yet what the boss said. We have an appointment with her on Wednesday. We're praying it worked out! Sis Hill and I had a dinner appointment with a fun family, who's dad works for John Deere. I wish I had taken a picture of the table settings. The place mats, silverware, plates, and like everything was John Deere! It was so funny. I love it. 
a fun little woody spot we found in the middle of
 a neighboorhood, so we had a mini photo shoot.

Fun fact, we got a new assistant to the president because one of ours is heading home, and it's Elder Anderson, who was our zone leader! I'm so excited that I'll actually know one of the AP's, and he'll be great. That was fun. 

On Saturday morning we contacted a girl who was a former investigator but who the elders could never teach because her mom didn't like them coming over. She is 18 though so I didn't feel bad about trying by anyways. She is super sweet and I loved talking to her. She also works two jobs though so that makes it tricky, but she said we could try by again this Saturday. She had a super sweet spirit, I hope we can teach her more and that she can have the desire to learn more!

Saturday we taught a nice family. We taught about families and showed them a Mormon Message about how our families can be together forever. They liked that, but the dad still says that he's Catholic and that he's already gone through his search before and feels he's where he's supposed to be. But, when we invited him to church, he asked the two adorable boys and they were like, "yeah!!!" They were so excited to come! They don't have transportation so Saturday night we set everything up with transportation, gospel principles, fellowshippers, etc....and then when we went to their apartment Sunday morning with their ride, the mom said they had a family emergency and couldn't come. I was sooo disappointed. Is coming to church so impossible?! Because we haven't had a single investigator to church and it's so frustrating. Thankfully the man who was going to give them a ride served a mission (stateside) and was super understanding, and by the end of Sacrament Meeting I was feeling better. Haha I was so sad, but it's ok. The gospel's still true :) Oh but on a good note, the dad said the most beautiful prayer at the end of the lesson! Afterward he said something like, "it's been a while!" It was a testimony-builder to me of why we have them pray. We invited him, he said he didn't really feel comfortable, we kind of just sat there and smile for a sec and then he just said it. Haha I love it when we just let there be silence for a couple seconds so they give in ;) It goes against all of my natural instincts but sometimes, it works!
 saying goodbye to a sister who's headed (soon) to Jackson MS for her mission! We loved getting to know her, she's wonderful.

Wasn't the Relief Society broadcast great?! A sister in our ward brought her nonmember friend and with all the talks about covenants, I wanted to turn around to her friend and be like, "Want us to help you make some covenants right now?!" haha. She is great, we are working with her little by little. Other members brought two other less-actives, which was so awesome! I love it when the members do that, and then they have fellowshippers and friends right there. We were so grateful. Thanks for all you do in supporting the less-actives - you have always been so wonderful at that!

Well I'm senior companion this week and next Monday, we get transfer calls! With it being the end of my training, it is almost certain that one of us will leave. We kind of have a mutual agreement that I want to stay and Sis Call wants to go - which probably means it'll happen the other way around ;) We'll see! But we will miss serving together, we've definitely grown a lot closer!

I love you all so much! I am so grateful for the Atonement and for a living prophet on earth today. I love the Book of Mormon and all of the scriptures and I love sharing it with others! I am sooo excited for General Conference this weekend! Enjoy :) Thanks for all your love and support!

Sister Whipple

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