Monday, September 9, 2013

remember that one time...

...when I thought that going to a large stateside mission meant I'd be driving all the time? Yeah me too! That was a good one!

Haha how are you all doing? Last week I accidentally spelled Yokwe wrong, there's actually no "h"...but it's pronounced like y-ah-k-way. haha that was terrible and probably didn't help, sorry :)

I promise we're all really happy! haha.

So this week was kind of long, but still good. It was super hot and we DIDN'T have the car this time, thus the subject line :) Friday was the most we've walked - over 11 miles! I was grateful to have good shoes (thanks Mom :) ). It's always fun showing up at doors/members' houses dripping wet haha! Some people will proceed to tell us how it's too hot to be outside and we're like....yeah, you're telling us, WE'RE the ones out here! Let us in! haha but that doesn't really work. :) 


Oh! But good news! We have been working with an inactive family and a less-active lady, and they BOTH came to church on Sunday! The family only stayed for Sacrament Mtg but the lady stayed all three hours. That was a huge miracle :)

We had a couple of fun dinner appointments this past week and have some more coming up, so we're excited about that. We were supposed to get a meal coordinator this Sunday, and (funny story) when the bishop sat down after announcements and Sister Call whispered something like "no meal coordinator?" to me, I suddenly realized what happened and dropped my hymn book out of shock and frustration. haha woops! We really had to control our laughter then ;) It will happen this Sunday though! Can't wait!

Right now I'm just struggling with feeling like we're doing enough, are being diligent enough, etc. Honestly it's hard for me to be junior companion; I thought I was good at "following" as well as leading but when I feel like we should be doing other things and have a hard time communicating that, or when I mention ideas and they don't seem to be taken seriously, that's really hard for me. Often I feel like I'm alone in efforts to be more diligent, talk to more people, etc. I'm sure that's not true, but it's frustrating and I'm really trying to work on my charity and patience as well as my diligence and trying to follow the Spirit. It's HARD. But I've also been working on keeping a list of tender mercies in my planner, so that's fun. :) And I'm trying to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior through more fervent prayer and scripture study. And, I am trying to trust more that even my weak attempts are accepted, because it says over and over again that Heavenly Father will make weak things strong!

I love you all soooo much! Oh that reminds me...the other day, I realized just how much the gospel has really saved our family. I have always known the gospel HELPS our family, but it suddenly occurred to me that it's more than that - I'm not sure if our family wouldn't have fallen apart at some point if it hadn't been for the gospel - commitments to temple/marriage covenants, principles of love and forgiveness, knowledge of a Savior, eternal perspective, etc. I hope that doesn't come off as a negative view of our family, because that's not how I mean it at all, and knowing how awesome you all are, we may have just pulled through anyways. But I am so so so grateful to have the gospel in my life and my family!!! Thank you!!!  I'm praying for all of you :)

Sister Whipple

we decorate our planners....the left one is
last transfer's, Sis Call made that one for
me as my trainer. You can 
You can tell I'm a
 little more lazy when it comes to decorating ;)

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