Monday, October 28, 2013

Sister Whipple goes apostate


How are you all? Sister Etherington and I are having a great day! The weather has warmed up again and it is beautiful! We are enjoying it while we can. Since last week we drove up to Osceola to WalMart, we aren't going shopping this week so it is a much more relaxing P-day. We are thinking we might go to Liberty Hall, the home of Joseph Smith III. Fun times.

It's been an interesting week. We had exchanges with our sister training leader and her companion, which was a little stressful but good. Sometimes as senior companion I feel like I have to do and know everything when really there are people here who are willing and ready to help me, so I shouldn't feel so overwhelmed. And I felt even more so during exchanges because I wanted everything to go well and didn't want them thinking we weren't doing a good job or something. But it was silly and I shouldn't have worried so much. Also I get soooo overwhelmed when people start talking about how important it is to follow the Spirit and how if we "have not the Spirit, ye shall not teach" and all of that. I feel so inadequate sometimes! I wish I were better at that and had more faith. It really is so important and I know that Heavenly Father wants to bless me. As Elder Gay said, "He who scattered, gathers." I need to trust Him more. But yeah I finally lost it and cried a little haha and I haven't cried in a realllly long time (in my standards) so that was interesting. Good thing Sister Dixon gives the best hugs, I needed that (ugh, I never wanted to be one of "those" sisters who cries to her sister training leader haha!) But I LOVE Elder Bednar and how he says to stop fretting about if it's the Spirit and if it's not, just "be good boys and girls" and everything will work out! 

ANYWAYS not sure why I just told you all of that but regarding exchanges and my subject line, you know how I get lost, like, super easily? Haha well you have to be careful getting lost here or else you might end up going apostate. Yeah, I definitely found myself driving Sister Paul into Missouri and OUT OF THE MISSION on accident! Ahh! Haha I was so frustrated because we were trying to get to an appointment and Iowa's weird with addresses and stuff so the GPS wouldn't take me the right way and I was just trying to do it by memory, and I got on the wrong freeway and had to drive quite a bit into Missouri before we could turn around (and we were already short on miles, that was frustrating). For those of you who have been on missions, you know how big of a no-no leaving your mission is! Sorry President! But anyways, we eventually got there and it was all OK. Thank you Sis Paul for being patient haha. 

Sis. E and I have been realizing more and more just how blessed we've been growing up. There are a lot of people here who really don't have much money, and they sometimes don't show up at church because they have to wait until the next paycheck so they can pay for gas to drive the 30 or so miles there. One sweet family here in Lamoni couldn't go to the trunk or treat or the Relief Society broadcast (I'll explain that in a minute) because if they did, they wouldn't be able to get to church. I am amazed by the humility and strength of these people. I love them so much!

Our ward watched the Relief Society broadcast this past Saturday because there was something else going on when it was showing a few weeks ago, and they wanted to be able to have a dinner so they just decided to postpone it. That was nice because then we got to watch it again! They had a delicious dinner beforehand. We didn't have investigators at church unfortunately, but we will next week.

Thanks for all your responses about tithing! That was helpful. We will probably be using those for a lesson with a recent convert within the next couple of weeks. So thank you :) I loved those, so here's another one: How was the restored gospel blessed your family?

Oh! I did a training for district mtg for the first time! I was asked to train on the PMG sections "Finding through your own efforts" through "No effort is wasted". Helps that we've done a lot of "finding" (mostly tracting) lately! I felt good about it and wasn't as stressed as I thought I would be, even though the zone leaders were there. But they are great so I didn't feel too intimidated or anything. 

The people in Lamoni are so nice. I hardly even mind tracting here because we get so many more potentials than I've ever seen (in my vast experience) through tracting. I'm worried though that we'll tract out this little town very quickly...we need to spend more time in the other towns, but it's tricky with them all being so far apart. And they just don't seem as nice in the other towns! ;)

We had our first real dinner appointment yesterday!!  They have five boys and the younger four were there. They were super cute and the 6 and 9 year olds loved us :) Super sweet family. 

No pictures again - last week when trying to figure out my memory card reader (which used to work but doesn't anymore), I accidentally "corrupted" my memory card. THANK GOODNESS I had the foresight to back up all my pictures on my thumb drive. I would have been sick if I had lost those! So, I'm going to need a new memory card. Darn it I was going to tell you what kind so you could just order it online for me and have it sent to my apartment since that would be easier than trying to find one here...any idea which kind I'd need? I have a Canon. Sorry :P

This gospel is amazing! I love it! Thank you all for your examples, you absolutely amaze me. I'm praying for y'all! Love you so much!

Sister Whipple

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