Monday, January 6, 2014

an apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze

Hello sweet family (and friends)!
after finding out we're both staying!
Well first thing's first, currently we're enjoying a cold front that is so good that it has a name - Hercules! Haha. Not sure what the "real feel" is, but yesterday the high was about 9 degrees with a wind chill of like -25, and today the high is like -1, so with the wind chill it's probably below -30. Gotta love Iowa!

Sister Etherington and I are both staying in Lamoni!!!! We were not expecting to both stay at all. We are thrilled! It was a long day of waiting for the call on Monday, and when it came at 9 PM we both squeeled "YES!!!" when the assistant told us both that we were staying :) 

We taught a lot of kind of random lessons this week - lots of stop-ins from tracting/contacting, first lessons, etc. It was fun! Haha sometimes when we were going tracting, we'd start running/skipping down the street because we were so cold. I'm sure it looked really funny ;) 

Oh, happy new year's! This was the first time in a long time that I had no desire to stay up haha. We had to be in by 6 PM New Year's Eve, and President said that we could stay up until midnight but we'd still have to be up the next day by thank you! We decorated new planners, went to bed early, and had a wonderful night's rest :)

OK time for some funny stories...
  • Our toilet broke. Again. And the plumber didn't come for 3 days!!! So we kept having to go to Casey's next door and it was SUCH a pain, but we tried to laugh about it because it was so ridiculous :)
  • On Saturday, we had our get-to-know-you district meeting because we have three new elders in our district (including a new District Leader, Elder Jackson). After the meeting at the church, Sis E and I used the bathroom (because ours was still broken...) so when we were ready to go, the elders had already left. We decided to do a little service and shovel the pathways up to the church because they were still pretty snowy. So we left our things inside the church, grabbed the shovels, and started shoveling...about 5 minutes later, Sis. E says, "Sister Whipple?...I think we're locked out." There we were, at our church building outside of town off of some highway, with our phone, planners (with all of our phone numbers), and keys inside the locked church! THANK GOODNESS Br. and Sis. Graves live right across the highway, so we were able to walk over there and thankfully they were home and gave us the combo to get the key to the church. It was SO cold walking across that windy highway though haha! We laughed at how dumb we were.
after venturing across the highway in the freezing
cold and finally getting a key to the church! super attractive.
  • Another story about us being dumb...yesterday we went to a family's house to give them a thank-you card and leave a little message with them. They ended up feeding us dinner, so we were there longer than we expected. When we left, we got into our car...and it was COMPLETELY stuck! One side had kind of slid into a ditch filled with snow and ice we couldn't get any traction at all to get out. The wife called Br. Bishop, who lives nearby, and he came to our rescue (so embarrassing haha!). We worked for quite a while shoveling and pushing until he finally got the car out of where it was stuck. We were so grateful!!!
  • Also, that family is just so hilarious. Let's be honest...old people are funny as it is, and then when they're old people from the Midwest, it's hilarious! They say the funniest things and have the funniest accents. I also learned to eat apple pie with slices of cheese on top...haha the husband taught me that lesson with that cute little phrase I put in the subject line ;) Also, the wife was like, "good thing I made some salad yesterday!" and then proceeded to pull out a bowl of green Jello with cottage cheese (my favorite!...) and pineapple inside. That's just weird haha! Kind of had to force that one down a little...oh they are so cute! Speaking of cute old people, we chatted with our Baptist friend, who's in his 80's, and he kept saying the funniest things like "I was as busy as the dickens" and "he's just a little squirt" and "wrastling" instead of "wrestling." Also literally like every old person here says "Missourah" instead of "Missouri" hahaha.
  • Fast and testimony meeting yesterday. Holy cow. One older man - who is THE SWEETEST man - told the most random story for literally like 15 minutes. I was DYING haha! Also a lot of the youth bore their testimonies about the Nauvoo temple trip, and a lot of them mentioned how they loved being there and how it was a "cool" experience. It was really sweet.

I'm so happy to be a missionary and to be serving here. It is the best! I love this gospel and am so grateful to have been taught it all my life. I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, and I can't deny that! Thank you for all your support! I love you all so much!!!

Sister Whipple

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