Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hawaiian's hug

and yet we still get along!

Hi loved ones!

This was another wonderful week! We are SO blessed here in Lamoni. We found three new investigators and set two baptismal dates! So many miracles.

Church yesterday was wonderful. 

There were a lot of other little miracles and happenings throughout the week; I hope you don't mind if I just keep listing them :) ...
  • We went to a certain lady's house like we do every Monday evening to meet with her and her daughter, but when we got there she said that we had 10 min before she had to go pick her daughter up. So, Sis. Etherington was awesome and whipped out a short message, and then we invited her to pray. She said no, as she always does, but this time we were persistent. And she did! And said a super sweet prayer! So that was awesome.

  • On Tuesday, we did a lot of community stuff. We went to the ministerial alliance meeting, had lunch with a lady at the Sale Barn Cafe, and volunteered at the food pantry. We learned that Decatur County (our area is the entire county) is the poorest county in the state of Iowa, but Lamoni is the richest town within the county. That makes sense because we go to any other town, and they are all so different than Lamoni - kind of run-down and dying. It's sort of sad to see these towns die away. But we're focusing on being little beams of light to these people who need some hope! And we just received a headquarters referral today from a man who lives in Davis City who went on mormon.org and requested a Book of Mormon, and I called him and set up a time to go take it over!

  • We had a lesson with a lady and her granddaughter. We focused on just reading the Book of Mormon with them because sometimes she starts ranting about politics and stuff and reading helps to bring the Spirit and calm her down. The 6 year old granddaughter asked sweet questions about who the Holy Ghost is, and Sis. Etherington helped her say the closing prayer :)

  • We contacted a referral, a Community of Christ couple, who let us in and were very friendly. The husband is Hawaiian and probably about 60. Before we left, he suggested we say a prayer together, so we all held hands and he prayed. As I was standing there holding this man's hand, I had the little thought that maybe I was being slightly apostate by holding his hand. But then, after we said amen, he suddenly says, "Hawaiians hug!" and pulls Sister Etherington and me in this big Polynesian embrace before we could react. hahaha we were dying! I was thinking APOSTATE!!! the whole time and it was probably the most awkward hug. First time hugging a man in 6 months. Then we went to the wife to give her a hug, and she standoffishly said, "I'm Norweigan." hahaha it was sooo funny.

  • We had dinner with a family from church, which was fun. Then we spent some time on Friday and Saturday packing up boxes, washing dishes, and cleaning to help them with their move. They are moving to Osceola to live with some of their family for a while. We will miss them!

    this sweet Mexican lady fed our ENTIRE district lunch after district mtg!
    She fed us the most delicious posole. When we got there, I saw a bowl of
    posole and thought it was the serving bowl...and then she brought
     out one for each of us! Holy cow! But it was sooo good :)
  • We were in Leon on Thursday, having zero luck. Everything fell through, so we did a little tracting. It was SOO windy and snowy and we were laughing at how ridiculous it was...until we got a text saying that our cars were grounded and we needed to go inside due to blizzard conditions. Thank goodness we got home safely, because we were about 15 miles from home haha!

  • I lost my Marshallese nametag. Super sad day!

  • I feel like sometimes my body's trying to tell me I'm stressed even though I don't mentally think I'm stressed haha. I woke up with a sty in my eye, which has been there since like this morning. I also had a migraine the other night...THANK GOODNESS it was when we were already turned in for the night, because I felt SO sick. Hopefully that will be my one and only migraine for my mission!

So yes, it was an eventful and fun week haha. 

Well my friends, that's it for now! I love you all so much. I am so grateful for the scriptures and the words of the living prophets. They make such a difference in my life, and the lives of others. I am grateful for this time to serve others and have joy in that service. Thank you for being such wonderful people in my life! I am grateful for YOU!

Sister Whipple

PS I'm getting my hair cut today! Finally. Super excited :) any idea how much is generally accepted for a tip?

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