Sunday, March 23, 2014

We will do it. The Lord will bless us.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

With our Zone leaders
Oh boy...this week was definitely more of a rough one! There were lots of miracles too though, for which we are grateful! I was thinking about writing the subject line as " thou mine unbelief" because it goes perfectly with what I wrote last week haha - but that seemed too much of a downer. :) 

Something that was hard but just part of life was that Bishop got released! We talked to him on Friday when we were at the church for zone training meeting, and knew that he would be released because he was cleaning out his office and was pretty obvious about it haha (and he served as bishop for 6 years). We asked if we could talk to him about one of the people we have been teaching, which I was scared about, but he was so loving and understanding. At the end of our short conversation, he assured us that he is proud of us - that made me feel so good because I was worried about telling him (like I said, you just feel guilty about these things!). He is such a wonderful bishop - we will all really miss him! But, I am excited and happy about the new bishop, Bishop Graves. He was the first counselor in the bishopric, so he already knows a lot and knows us and it makes the change seem less drastic. Oh that's where the subject line came from - The Stake President said that when he extended the call, Bishop Graves hesitated for a second and his wife immediately said, "We will do it. The Lord will bless us." This is more amazing when you know them - they are farmers and are soooooo ridiculously busy (he was up almost all night with cows that were in labor), AND Sis. Graves is the Relief Society president and loves it, but this means that she will be released. Also, Bishop Graves has been bishop before, though it's been a long time. Quick funny story...he has (or, had) a huge white Santa Clause beard that is AWESOME and that he grows every winter. We found out that he shaves it off on the first day of spring every year, so we asked if we could take a picture with him and his wife on Sunday before he shaved it. Saturday night we got a text from Sis. Graves telling us that he was shaving a week early, and we were like...nooo!!!! haha. We were pretty sure he'd be called to be the bishop at that point. Anyways, I will miss Bishop Bair a lot but love Bishop Graves - especially his huge farmer hands that engulf mine when I shake his hand :)

Oskie (Oskaloosa) zone! look how happy everyone looks...haha :)

The other thing that was hard was I was sooo tired from daylight savings! But it's been SO nice having it light in the evenings :)

I better go into bullet-point mode or else I'm going to end up writing a novel and running out of time...
  • It's spring break! Which is a bummer because that means Lamoni is a ghost town, and it that will make things difficult this week. 
soooo many deserted houses in Davis City (and in Leon)'s kind of sad sometimes
  • Zone training meeting was so wonderful and was what I needed to hear! We had trainings on more meaningful prayer, faith, developing Christlike attributes, and a short one on more effective comp studies. I LOVE our zone!
Davis City...the houses on both the left and right of me are both deserted. But I still like the town!
  • I'm really grateful that I can play piano! I played for primary yesterday, as well as the first two hymns in Sacrament mtg because the organist was late (he comes from way out in the country). Actually, the piano in the chapel is TERRIBLY out of tune, so after an awful-sounding opening hymn, I switched to the organ and was able to play on that, which was fun! Hardly any members here can play, so I am grateful that I'm able to serve in that way :)
  • We went to the monthly ministerial alliance meeting. It was entertaining. The Community of Christ reps and Restorationist reps went at it for a couple minutes before things simmered down a bit. Sis. Etherington and I just sat there thinking, "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! I know who I am, I know God's plan..." it was a good time.
  • Super sweet new investigators!!! They are from Ghana! They are wonderful! They are married and have the CUTEST 2-year-old, Josephine. Unfortunately they will be moving to Osceola next month, but at least they will still be in the ward, and will be taught by wonderful elders - and actually the elders are the ones who found them (met them at WalMart and referred them to us), so I can't feel too bad about them going back to the elders. But, we met with them last night and they LOVED it. The husband said that he wants to translate the Book of Mormon into his language and take it back to share with his people in Ghana! What?! The wife was a bit more skeptical but still very sincere and interested. We were talking about prophets and she explained very clearly why we need a prophet, and then he was like, "I want to ask you. Do we have a prophet today?" YES! love it.
The Church is still true and miracles still happen! It IS worth it. I'm so grateful for the Sacrament and for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for the peace that comes through prayer and reading the scriptures and words of the prophets. I love you all!

Sister Whipple

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