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Hey all!

the dinky diner, in Decatur

Happy Monday :) I feel sorta off right now because I wasn't expecting to go email right when we did...obviously we usually go later in the day at the public library, but Sis. Browne wanted to go now so we did and are at Graceland. But I haven't even hardly written in my journal all week because it's been soooo busy, and I am not mentally prepared to think about and talk about my week haha. And my keypad is sticky so sorry if I spell things wrong or whatever!

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Anyways, Sister Etherington left on Thursday :( It was a crazy few days beforehand, with her saying good bye to everyone and such.Wednesday night was hard...we had FHE with the students, which was a lot of fun and a huge miracle because all of our students came, in addition to the regulars!! But it was sad for Sis E to say good bye to everyone. Then she had to do basically ALL her packing that night, so we maybe had a girl's night of delicious pizza and ice cream while helping her pack ;) 
Sad Pizza

Thursday we went to district mtg, and then the Warner's (senior couple from Nauvoo) came and picked her up at the church bldg. I was really sad to see her go...but I felt kind of bad because while everyone was crying, I couldn't cry! I was sad but I just don't tend to cry in those situations and I felt kind of bad haha. Thankfully Sis E knows that about me so hopefully she wasn't offended :) Anyways, I've missed her a lot but I've been having fun with Sis. Browne. She's wonderful and I am learning a ton from her!

Saying Goodbye :(
Miracle from yesterday...we taught an entire African family! It was crazy! We have been teaching a Graceland University student from Ghana, and we asked if we could teach his whole family. He said yes! So yesterday Sis Browne and I went along with our member missionary and we taught the whole family! SO cool! And kind of overwhelming sitting there with all these Africans staring at us hahaha. They are the sweetest people and have the sweetest spirits. The mom hardly speaks English but she understands fairly well, and she bore her testimony and prayed in Twi! And we invited them to baptism so they are all investigators now! They committed to study and pray about the Restoration pamphlet as a family. They had lots of good questions that can be answered from doing that! Definitely a really sweet missionary experience :)

Two of our investigators are doing great! They are progressing well and are so fun to teach. We taught one of them the plan of salvation with some cut-outs, and asked her to teach it back to us at the end. She did so, perfectly! It was incredible! According to her, her dad (whom she only visits some weekends) doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon and doesn't want her getting baptized, but she said she doesn't care because she likes the Book of Mormon and wants to get baptized anyways :) she's great. 

One of our couples we are teaching were interviewed for baptism on Thursday! They passed - yay!!! They are so sweet and we are so excited for them to be baptized on Saturday!!

Another miracle was with an inactive sister! We have been looking for her for like the past 6 months - all we had was a PO Box, but Sis Acland showed us where she lives outside of town, but she was never there and then there was a "sold" sign in front of her house...but, her son married a Sister Carter's (a lady in our ward) daughter, so Sis Carter told us where she moved to! We knocked on her door and she was in a robe with her hair wrapped in a towel haha but she told us we could come back the next day. We did, and she let us right in! She was so sweet and we had a wonderful visit. She has been going through SO much...her husband died of cancer 9 months ago (she's probably only in her 50's!) and her son (the one who was married to Sis Carter's daughter) committed suicide a couple weeks ago. We watched an Easter Mormon message and read Alma 7:11-12 with her. She actually reminded me so much of Mom, just by her stature and features and how smiley and nurturing she is! I told her about that and I think it made her feel good :) Afterwards she texted us and said that she had had a really hard couple of nights and had prayed for help, and then we showed up at the door! I LOVE that feeling, that I could be an answer to someone's prayer. 

                     Bad side note to all this though...she gave us a really delicious drink that I literally thought was punch or something. yeah, it was definitely iced tea. gah!!! breaking the word of wisdom with an inactive lady!!! holy cow I felt like a terrible missionary. 

But anyways, I definitely know that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives. It was cool to see that in a small way on Thursday night. We were driving home from Leon, and a member texted us, just asking how we were doing and such (usually when he does that, there's something else on his mind haha). We told him we were coming back from Leon, and he mentioned that he had wanted to meet up and read with us but that we probably wouldn't have time. We didn't, because we had one more appointment still. But, when we got to our appointment,  they weren't there, and we called and she apologized because she had gotten delayed and wasn't going to make it in time. We were able to reschedule for the next evening and go see him then. He actually was really needing to talk to us about some questions he had and such, and I think he really needed that that night. I was so grateful that it all worked out!

We taught a student outside this week. Sis Browne positioned herself so the sun was directly on her and she got sunburned evenly, but Sis E and I got sunburned on half of our faces haha! It looked pretty funny. It was definitely worse for Sis Etherington though ;)

Speaking of sunshine, it was in the 80's on Saturday! And POURED all day yesterday and snowed last night. haha silly Iowa!

I love you all so much!! Keep praying for our members please and keep being awesome! Thanks for everything. The Church is true :) I'm so grateful for the Atonement in my life and in the lives of everyone around us! I love you!

Sister Whipple

PS MOM!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY!!!!!!! You'll be getting a letter in the mail, but it might not be there right on time - sorry if it's not! But I love you so much!!!
The district, plus AP's

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