Tuesday, April 1, 2014

you get that there warm feelin

it gets stressful with the wind sometimes! I'm almost Marilyn Monroe-ing it!
Hey all!!

This has been quite the full week! In biggest news, we had transfers on Thursday. We left our apartment at 6:30 am, and a family in our ward drove us to Iowa City, where we had transfers meeting. Our new companion is...Sister Browne!!! She was one of my roommates in the MTC and we were in the same district...and she was my favorite! (I mean, um, I didn't have any favorites...) Sister Etherington has met her at zone conferences and such too, so when they said her name, maybe we gasped a little and were a tiny bit excited :) I was/am so grateful to have another wonderful companion!!!
With our new companion!
I'm like terrified of being transferred because now I see how hard it must be to come into an area that's already had missionaries (because I've only ever opened!)...also I get scared of going back to an area where you don't teach many lessons, because here it's not super hard to teach lessons, but in other areas it is SO hard. We are so blessed here in Lamoni!

In other news, a family we're teaching are doing AMAZING!!! They totally want to be baptized! They have such sweet testimonies and just LOVE the gospel. They have definitely been pretty golden! It is so exciting to teach a couple, as much as I love teaching students. We pushed their date up to April 20 instead of April 27! And they committed to live the word of wisdom and don't seem too upset by it or anything! The husband is so funny...he says "that there" and "this here" ALL the time. He was describing how he feels the Spirit and was like, "you get that there warm feelin" and was just so cute. I love them! And it's sweet because they love us, which of course makes us feel good :)

Other things...
  • the students came back from spring break! yay! One of our new members showed us his pictures from Utah and told us all about it...he had SUCH a good time :) Also, he brought back a super cute camel from Kerianna for me! Sis. Butler sent it to Kerianna on her "hump day" (halfway point) with a little poem relating the camel to the mission...it is so funny and so sweet! I love it :) she's so sweet!
    Camille the camel! it was the end of a long day
  • We taught a man, who is a chain smoker and who told us about how he used to take and deal meth...that was interesting! We smelled so bad of smoke basically the rest of the day. love mission life.
  • We also taught a sweet student from Ghana. He's friends with a girl in our ward, which is really nice to have that connection. At the second lesson, he was super stressed and kind of freaking out a little because he seems to be trying to understand everything at once and he doesn't understand a lot. We tried to help him slow down and focus on what he needs to do and on praying and asking Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true. He cancelled the next appt and we were scared that'd be the end, but then he asked if he could meet with us today, and bring a friend. I'm kind of excited to see what will happen!
  • We had pizza with our 100-year-old Community of Christ friend. She's so cute. 
  • We had another first lesson with a mom with three young kids. She is sooo sweet...she said she'll study the Book of Mormon and pray about it this week, and that she should have her answer by Wednesday! haha I'm loving that confidence...hopefully it works out, we would LOVE to teach that family!!! 
  • Sis. Browne is really good at talking to people on the street, so we've been having fun with that and seeing miracles! I love it! Heavenly Father has just been putting people in our path who seem to need to hear the gospel or at least are kind enough to listen for a little, which has been amazing to see.
  • We went to a family's home for supper on Saturday, and then afterwards, we watched the women's broadcast - and two of our investigators came!! 
  • Sister Etherington and I played "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" with Sis. Arzani singing yesterday in Sacrament Mtg! It went really well and was really fun. I will miss playing with Sis. Etherington on her violin! 
  • Church was super good! The Spirit was so strong. And, miracle of miracles...a sweet lady came with her daughter, all on her own!! We haven't seen her in weeks because of spring break and other things going on in her life. But there's been a pretty big tragedy in her family and I was so amazed and so proud of her to see her there, with her daughter.
  • in front of the Amish houses and the cutest pond. seriously soooo windy here lately!!! love this picture though haha :)
  • Today has been a really fun p-day! We went to the thrift store and found sweet Graceland and Lamoni t-shirts. Then we went to an Amish house in the country and looked at some beautiful aprons, oven mitts, and quilts, and talked to the sweet Amish women there!  Then we finally went to Pierce's dairy cup and shared a delicious shake between the three of us. It has been absolutely beautiful the past couple of days and we are LOVING it (but this week will be in the 40's and 50's again).

I love you all! Thanks for your letters and emails and your examples, prayers, and love. You are seriously the best. The Church is true, the Spirit is real, and we are all Heavenly Father's children. Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Whipple

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