Monday, May 19, 2014

that moment when I see a picture of my little brother...

and he has facial hair! And doesn't look like my little brother anymore. That is so crazy!

 I'll admit it...sometimes I do things just
to get a good picture to send home ;)
Aaaanyways, how are you all? I am super stressed right now haha so I'm sorry if this is scattered. One of our zone leaders asked if I could accompany him for a musical number at zone conference, which is TOMORROW, and of course I said yes because I love doing that. But he's the kind who doesn't read music but can just sit down and make things up (VERY not me), so he's like, "can you play come thou fount?" and I was like, "if you get me the music I can play pretty much whatever you need"....but he didn't really have anything and kept asking if I could just make things up, etc. So anyways I found this music on that's for violin and piano, spent a bunch of time and energy and stress transposing it all into different keys, figuring out how to make it work for voice, much stress (picture me laying on the piano bench wanting to give up haha...seen that before?)...and then a few minutes ago Liz looked up music for me, and found online exactly what I need! So now I have new music and possibly that was all a waste. But I have like zero time to practice between now and then...and a bunch of stuff to do today in a small amount of time...and someone's playing obnoxious music right now hahaha. time to plug in some mo tab. life's a struggle sometimes.

oh also, we had zone training meeting on Friday - which was super fun and spiritual and I loved it! - but they said that President doesn't want us requesting to go home early because it's messing everything up. So in my weekly email to him I said that I'll stay until Jan 15th instead of coming home 2 weeks early if that's what he needs me to do. Honestly, if that's what happens it won't be all bad...I'll be able to stay out a little longer, I'll be able to actually spend a little time with yall at home, I'll study up on my accounting so I remember what debits and credits even are, and I'll probably go to Provo and get a job or two and make a bunch of money before starting school full-time! Anyways, I'll keep you posted. for now, I'm in Iowa and I love it and it's beautiful this time of year. 

Speaking of Iowa, Sis Browne made up a new saying we're trying to get started here...instead of a "couple three" that they always say, how about a "few four"? yep. that's going to happen here.

OK, update on the real stuff: 

One thing I learned this week: there are definite pros and cons to graduation and the end of the school year! Pros? um, "free boxes" galore! haha with so many students leaving, they've been getting rid of tons of stuff and Sis Browne and I have SCORED haha. I've gotten some tops, sweaters, shoes, and scarves...but probably our favorite has been the food haha. Biggest tender mercy on Thursday: we were walking to campus in the morning, after a rough night the night before, and were feeling a little discouraged, but not overly bad...anyways, we started talking about how good a homemade pizza sounded. We were having this whole discussion about how we should make a pizza, but didn't have the ingredients or know-how to make the crust, etc. We got to school and went over to a free box, and suddenly I was like, "Sister!" and pulled out an unopened package of two whole-wheat pizza crusts! Then Sis Browne looked in the box and said, "Sister!" and pulled out an unopened bottle of pizza sauce! Best thing ever. We made homemade pizza and it was absolutely delicious. Heavenly Father IS aware of us! :) oh we also got two mattress pads. score!

no, we didn't put chocolate chips on our pizza...
that was for the chocolate-covered strawberries :)
Sad part about graduation? We've said goodbye to basically all of the students except Liz (she's leaving on Thursday) :( so sad! One reason why I'm SO grateful to be stateside - I have a much better chance at seeing these people again! And I'm super grateful that so many of them should all be in Utah, at least at some point within the next year. I miss them already! Oh but it was really fun because Daniel's family was here for the week, and I got to meet them! They came from Venezuela and this is the first time Daniel's seen any of them for four year! Jeez, I thought 18 months was rough. They are the sweetest family ever! It was really fun using what tiny bit of spanish I remember. They are super patient and just so sweet. Daniel translated the stuff we couldn't understand...which was most of it :) I LOVED how the girls would hug and kiss me, and his mom would be like "hola mi amor" when she hugged me :) 
Osceola ward missionaries...a little 12 year 
old girl made us take this picture haha

As for me, besides being stressed currently haha I'm doing pretty well. We're going on exchanges in des moines tues-wed and I'm excited for that. I'm really trying to work on relying on the Lord and the power of the Atonement to carry me, because sometimes things get hard and I get discouraged and I compare myself to others and then I let Satan tell me that I'm not good enough, etc...but guess what? I'm NOT good enough, and that's OK, because I have the Atonement and the Savior on my side! So I just need to keep remembering that :) I love this gospel! I love how it changes people! I love the Osceola Ward, I love Iowa, I love spring, I love my family...I like my whole HOUSE! (if you remember where that's from, then that would make me very happy.) have a wonderful week yall ;)

Love always,
sista whipple

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