Monday, June 2, 2014

2014= The year of the cicadas...aka The Plague

Hey all!
I didn't think about ticks and chiggers before I scampered in there to take the
picture...but I think I'm ok :)
were we stoked when we saw this tractor thing chilling on the side
of the road this morning? yes, we very much were.
So, Iowa is crazy! Apparently (now, I don't really know what's true and what's not because people tell us all sorts of things, and we can't look them up on our own to figure it out haha) once every 17 years, the cicadas come out from being burrowed beneath the ground, and THIS is the year. They are EVERYWHERE! I wish I got a picture the other morning when the shells (because they shed their shells) were ALL over the street, and we were slightly freaking out. We thought that was bad...and then suddenly these locust things were everywhere, flying around and attaching themselves to every tree and wall and...bah! Where am I, Africa?! It's funny though, and they are super loud. Look it up for me if you please, maybe you'll be able to tell me what's going on ;)  Anyways, I have a new-found appreciation for those poor Egyptians/Israelites during the plagues!

Huge sheep dog!
Nothing too huge for this past week, but lots of little things. So I'll bullet-point it :)
  • There was a miscommunication with one of our investigators, so she is actually getting baptized THIS Saturday (not yesterday)!! We are so excited. We talk to her on the phone every night, and she sounds happier than she has ever sounded to me. A man in our ward is going to baptize her - he and his wife were the ones who brought her to the ward Christmas party last year, which is how we met her in the first place :) go member missionary work and ward parties! :)
  • We go on walks with a sweet lady every Saturday now, which is great because we're able to work through a lot of things then! She makes me happy :)
Linden Street, one of the cutest streets in town. Which is funny because
 here it looks like I'm in South America or something hahaha
  • New investigator! She's from Colombia, is a student in Alabama, and is here with her friend for the summer. She is pretty sweet! Let's hope she hangs in there! :)
  • Another tender mercy... a member who's probably about 24, just moved here for the summer to do pasteural (sp?) research for her master's program! All our member students left, and Heavenly Father blessed us with her :) She's so sweet! We just met her at church yesterday, but we're excited to get to know her and take us teaching with us hopefully!
  • We gave a Family Proclamation and Living Christ to the director of the service center. He's a Restorationist and asks us lots of questions. He loved what we gave him, and we ended up having a mini lesson right there in the service center. Hopefully we'll keep getting to work with him!
  • My allergies are killing me here...yay for humidity! I just keep pouring eye drops in my eyes though, so that's helping haha.
  • We dropped by the ward mission leader's house the other day to talk to him, but when we got there, he was outside on his phone and just said that his wife was in the house and we could go on inside. We walked inside and it was completely silent and empty...which is a big deal because they have 5 boys haha. It was so funny. We walked around being like, "Sister 'B'? 'B' family? Hello?" We felt super then we were like, "well...let's do the dishes!" So we did their dishes and then she came out (she had fallen asleep in her room haha) and we had a good time talking to her and her husband :) I was worried about offending her by doing her dishes, but I thought about Mom and if the sister missionaries came over, I don't think she would get mad if they did her hopefully that was OK? 

There were other little things too of course, but I think that's good for now :) We are happy here, I love working with Sister Browne because we are both able to help each other in different ways! I'm so grateful for this gospel and I know that it's true! Thanks for being the best ever :) I love you!!!

Sister Whipple
Cattle Auction!

Memorial day flags at the cemetery. 

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