Monday, July 28, 2014

A Mission Vacation

Hey all!

Wow, was I spoiled this week! was so fun! But it's good to be back and working again :)

So, Monday was p-day, and it was pretty stressful haha because we were trying to do a lot of things. The sisters from Lamoni got to come up and spend p-day with us because they needed to be up for zone conference the next day, so that was a blast to be with Sister Browne and her new companion and hear all about Lamoni! For example...A husband and wife couple who were baptized recently are now gospel principles teachers! ahh I'm so proud of them :) Anyways, at 1 we took a tour of the Iowa Capitol Bldg, which was AMAZING!!! Seriously...Sis Dixon has been in three other state capitols and she said this one was definitely the most beautiful. Br. Schultz in the Osceola Ward is the secretary of state, so even though he was out of town, he hooked us up with his secretary/assistant and she gave us a pretty sweet tour. 

It was fun to see his office and see the big picture of Christ by his desk, pictures of his kids, and his eagle scout stuff up on the wall, along with all the Iowa and patriotic stuff :) He seriously has a sweet gig there haha (apparently it's the nicest office in the capitol, next to the governor's!). Afterwards, we got our hair cut. The lady who cut my hair was NOT shy about chopping it off it's pretty short. I'm kind of regretting cutting it so short, but at least (1) it's nice with the hot weather, and (2) I'm on a mission and not in the dating pool so I have 6 months to grow it out again ;) The rest of the day was pretty normal - errands, proselyting in the evening, etc. Since we had the Lamoni sisters we went on splits, and it was super fun being out with Sister Browne again.

[I think her short hair is cute!]
Tuesday: Zone Conference!!! We usually only have one once every 3 months, but they had to switch things around so we had ZC two transfers in a row - which I was TOTALLY fine with haha. I played piano for a musical number...again haha. Elder Wardle sang "Be Still My Soul" and I accompanied him. It was super stressful because I hardly had any time to practice because our p-day was busy and I didn't want to take a lot of proselyting time to practice, so it wasn't my best but it was OK. Then in the evening we decided to drop by a house, and it was perfect! It was the home of a girl who used to live in Lamoni so I knew her then (she was less-active), and she lives with her less-active sister, and they were super happy that we dropped by. She even asked us to teach her the lessons because she really wants to go back to the basics and find her testimony again, as well as help her boyfriend to understand the gospel. I am excited to help her, and was super impressed by their humility to ask for that help.

Wednesday and Thursday were our only two real, full working days. We had lessons with our investigators and also started teaching a new girl. They are all super sweet, polite girls.

Friday-Saturday: NAUVOO! As you already know, as per Lori Flake's phone call hahaha :) Anyways, it was seriously such a treat not only to be able to go, but to go for two days! The Craypo's (senior couple) took us, and we went on Friday to see the pageant, because we're all allowed one trip to the pageant during our mission. This year they are showing the Nauvoo and the new British pageants, so we decided to go to the British pageant...I had heard that it's even better than the Nauvoo pageant, I will hopefully someday be able to come back and see the Nauvoo pageant, and Sis. Craypo's British so I thought it would be fun for her (she LOVED it). It was amazing! The pageant talked about the different reformers that prepared the way for the Restoration, and a lot about how the Book of Mormon answered the questions of the soul that people have had for seriously strengthened my testimony! And it was so cool because at the end, all the missionaries got to be part of the finale, so we all walked on stage 2 by 2 singing "Called to Serve" :) It was such a sweet experience!
this was fun...
I ran into Sister Call AND our "mini missionary"
 from a year ago while in Nauvoo!
It was a happening place 
Friday night :)

On the way to Nauvoo, we stopped in Pella, the cutest little Dutch town you ever did see, and a town that Sister Dixon served in (only four sisters served there between when they opened it and then closed it again...tons of anti- influences there with all the Dutch reformists...but, it IS a cute town :) ). We got the famous "Dutch letters" from Jaarsma's bakery, which was fun. We also stopped at Ft. Madison, and the Craypo's treated us to lunch there. Then we got to Nauvoo, and enjoyed walking around the shops in the town, then went down to Historic Nauvoo and saw a bunch of the sites there, which was awesome. And, we got to see Sister Etherington!!! And she even received permission to sit next to us and watch pageant with us :) Such a special experience! 

Oh and it was there around the sites that I met Lori Flake, and she asked if I knew Virginia Whipple from Mesa and I was like...THAT'S MY GRANDMA!!! haha I was so excited! She said she went to Grandpa's funeral, which made me happy. She asked for your number and was super excited to call you :) And I loved the hug, thanks! :)

So the reason we got permission to stay the extra day is because  a member of our ward who's from Burma, is going on his mission soon to LA and was receiving his endowments Saturday afternoon, so the Craypo's asked for permission to stay! Which I was SO grateful for because otherwise we would have had to drive home Friday night and literally wouldn't have gotten home until like 2 am. So we stayed with the sisters in Hamilton, IL, which was super fun. We went to the Visitor's Center Saturday morning, then got to go with the ward to the temple session at 2. It was so incredible! I feel so blessed every time I'm able to go to the temple. And I got to see the other new video for the first time, which was so sweet. I loved it!

Then I slept in the back seat on the way home. Am I spoiled, or what?!

Sunday was a pretty normal, good Sabbath. We taught an interesting lesson to this new guy, who was like, "there's something I'm missing here...either I was sent to you to teach you some truth, or you were sent to me to teach me some truth, and I'm not sure what it is yet!" That was fun haha - he committed to read the Restoration pamphlet and pray about it, and we will teach him more this week!

Since we went to the temple last week, we don't get a real p-day this week, but (obviously) we still get to email. So we will be working hard this week, but it will be good! I love you all. We are so, so blessed to have the Book of Mormon and the Restored gospel and temples and everything that goes along with all of that! Thank you for being amazing!

Sister Whipple

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