Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Nametag Kids


 Sis Dixon is in her last three days here, we got transfer calls, I'm staying here (duh), and I'm going to be a sister training leader (STL) after all! soooo that should be interesting! I'm excited for the challenge though :) 

Des Moines East district :) oh, and Elder Wardle is getting transferred and got called to be a zone leader! woop woop, way to represent Saratoga Stake (even though neither of our families live there anymore haha)
It was an interesting shake-up, there are tons of missionaries leaving and lots coming in, so Hermana Kimzey was released from being an STL for two transfers so that she can train one of the hermanas coming in, and I will get a STL companion to serve with me here in Des Moines. The thing I'm most afraid of is just taking over the area when Sis Dix leaves...it still seems so big and overwhelming (we figured out the other day that it's at least 100 times bigger than Lamoni, so no wonder I've been 100 times more stressed hahaha) and I still have a hard time remembering everything and knowing where I'm at! I know Heavenly Father will help me though, because I'm doing my best :)

Two cute ladies from Berma! go English lessons
This week's been a whirlwind! I was with Hermana Kimzey and Hermana Loureiro (from another area) on Tuesday because all of our companions were on the departing missionaries temple trip. We ended up doing a lot of Spanish stuff, which was both fun and humbling haha. Oh yeah, and I had my birthday! That seems like forever ago haha...but it was fun! Thank you so much for the package, I loved it! You guys are the best. It definitely had its ups and downs...we had an AWESOME lesson with a girl who I seriously love. Sister M, a cute new member, came with us, and she is the best. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the girl said that she's felt her faith grow a lot as she's read and prayed, and that she's feeling better about being baptized! She has a lot on her shoulders though because she takes care of her mom and family a lot since her mom had brain surgery, so we offered her and her mom priesthood blessings, and she started crying when we did. Our sweet elders came with us on Friday and gave them both amazing blessings, and the Spirit was super strong! Anyways, I digress...so that was the high of my birthday, and we had other good lessons too, but then we got dropped by our investigator and had other things fall through, so that was a bummer haha. It's life though, and even though it was discouraging, things always work out :) And Sis Dix and I had ice cream together at the apartment, which was fun :)

Sis Dix lost her camera. We prayed so hard to be able to find it. We did...crushed into a million pieces. Somehow it had fallen out of the car or something onto the road, and run over...thankfully, we found her thumbdrive and one of her SD cards mostly in tact!

Another thing that's been crazy this week is that two investigators, B and E, returned from Utah! They were supposed to get baptized before they left, but things didn't work out and it didn't happen. And their situation in Utah with their dad isn't a good one, so it was stressful for R while they were gone. But, they came back Tuesday of this past week, so we've been teaching and reteaching them, and they should be getting baptized on Wednesday - like in 2 days! E is 9 and B is 12. E passed her interview today and is excited to be baptized...but B wouldn't come up for his interview. He was seriously SO excited to get baptized and be a deacon, but he's having fears that he's not really opening up about, and in general he's having a hard time adjusting being back here in Iowa. We're praying that he'll overcome those fears and be baptized, because he is SUCH a happy young man when he's living the gospel, and he's super smart and he KNOWS it's all true. If he doesn't get baptized on Wednesday, then he might have to wait until September because of scheduling conflicts. So that's been kind of stressful. Pray for him, por favor!

Guess what we got to do on Saturday? Go to Osceola for a baptism!!! It was SO fun. 

Since Osceola isn't very far, we got permission to go, and Sister M - I seriously love her! - took us. Sidenote: she's MY age (graduated in 2010, and is like 2 months older than me) and she's married and has a 2-year-old. That blows my mind sometimes hahaha. Anyways, the girl who was baptized is the one who, quite a while ago while I was in Osceola, came up to me at church and was like "if my mom says yes, and I think she will, I want to be baptized" before we ever even taught her anything. She's super committed and I love her to pieces. It was awesome to be able to be there, and to see some of the people I love so much again. I played "I Feel My Savior's Love" as a musical number...so seriously, that Paul Cardall music came JUST in time! They didn't ask me to play until the last minute, so I was super grateful that I had that music and that I've played that song so many times that I was able to practice it once like 2 days before the baptism, then play it there and have it go decently haha. Oh and her grandpa baptized her! It was so sweet :)

We went to ward council yesterday for the first time in quite a while (I've never gone while in Des Moines), and I was so glad we did. I feel more connected to the ward and to the leaders now, which is super crucial. One thing they discussed was how home and visiting teaching is more of ministering and relationship-building than anything, and we can fulfill those callings in many ways. I also wrote down a quote from Bishop Dyer: "there is beauty in the struggle." So true! Life is a struggle, but there is beauty in that. I love you all sooooo much! Thanks for being amazing!

Love always,
Sister Whipple

PS Sister M calls us "the nametag kids." I died.
A couple from church.
He let some kids braid his beard. welcome to Iowa...

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