Monday, August 4, 2014

"change is life, life is change"

well helloooo there!

wow, that quote (by sweet Sister G in Osceola) was as true as ever this week! I am glad the week is over and we are on to a new one haha. It was...interesting, to say the least.

So Monday - Wednesday was full of getting Sister Dixon ready to leave while still keeping the work going here. I officially had my first experience "killing" a companion (as in she went home)! It was fine and fun for the most part, but the last couple of days as it sunk in that she was actually going home, it was kind of sad...and just weird. It's hard to explain :)

Also, we had a baptism on Wednesday!! But her brother wasn't able to:( it was pretty rough...E was interviewed on Monday and passed easily, but B wouldn't come up for his interview. We went again the next day, and he let Elder Wardle interview him and passed, but still wasn't sure if he wanted to get baptized anymore. So we told him to pray about it and that we'd stop by that evening. When we went by, he was a lot happier and felt good and said that he would! So we planned for that, but when they arrived at the church Wednesday night, B wouldn't talk to anyone and definitely was NOT getting baptized. The hardest part was that a young man in the ward was asked to baptize him, so he cut his hair (it was really long haha) and was all ready in his white baptismal clothes, and then didn't even get to because someone else was already baptizing E :( I felt really bad. We're still trying to figure out what's wrong with B, it just seems like Satan is really working on him and making him doubt things. But, they came to church on Sunday and we're hoping that that will help get him on track, because he wasn't able to go to church the whole time he was in Utah, which I'm sure didn't help! He's a good kid, we just want him to be happy again because he used to reaaaalllly want to be a deacon and was super excited. His sister, E, is adorable though and was confirmed yesterday :)

E in her cute baptismal dress :) we didn't have a chance to get a better pic because we were stressed worrying about B. But she was so cute the whole time :)
Thursday was transfers! I've decided...I really hate transfers. Like, transfer meeting is fun and all but transfers are NOT fun haha. I think I might even prefer actually getting transferred better than bringing a new companion into the area, because I get stressed about having to know who everyone is, where we're going, etc., and I worry about the new companion judging me or the area, and so forth. So the first few days was really hard for me but they are getting a lot better now! Anyways, guess who my new companion is? Sister Sidney Pratt, from Mesa, AZ! Yeah...we're definitely related haha and she knows of the Whipple's and spent her summers down at the ranch in Mexico :) She's 20 and graduated in 2012 (I'm so old haha!) and has been out for one transfer longer than I have. She's a descendent of Parley and Mary, who apparently is the 4th wife. Her dad's name is Royal and I can't remember her mom's name, in case you're curious :)
My new companion!
We've been working hard though since transfers and found three new investigators this week, all African. Some of them came to church! That was a miracle. I still can't believe that they came to church haha! And it's nice because when Africans, especially Liberians, come to church, the other Africans usually are related to them in some way or another so they have automatic friends.

Two points of sad news (sorry): one, all the Liberians are freaking out about the ebola virus in Africa. Apparently it's super bad right now. Man, between sicknesses, wars, etc., it seems these people can never catch a break! And 2, I found out last week that Brother V in Lamoni passed away from a stroke! That was pretty upsetting. I wish I could be there for Sister V but I just have to trust Heavenly Father with that one!

Ok as for happier news, these past couple days have been fun getting to know Sis Pratt. It was kind of awkward at first but we've had some fun times when Sis Pratt almost had a head-on collision with a cop car. Don't worry though, we're all ok and it wasn'tcompletely our fault...the man walking his dog definitely laughed at us though haha. We also have been working out a lot more and have been suuuper sore these past couple of days! She's super obedient and diligent and I think we're going to have a great companionship :)

I read a week or so ago Elder Ballard's General Conference talk about following up. 

He mentioned how missionaries and their families can write each other about what they're learning in their studies of I thought I'd better try that haha :) So, for this week, the things that stood out for me are (1) humility is a sign of spiritual strength (having to work on that, especially since I get competitive easily, as you know :) ), and (2) the importance of companionship inventory! We had one last night and it was good to open up that line of communication and be open about some of our fears, goals, etc. :)

I feel like my letters have been kind of boring lately...if so, sorry! But things are good, we've been able to teach a lot of lessons, the area is building, the weather's been more or less perfect, the gospel is so true, and my laundry is already done ;) Thanks for being so wonderful. I love you all SOOOO much! :)

Sister Whipple

At Zombie Burger

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