Monday, September 22, 2014

Alfie Boe

Harvest is soon!!


Thanks for your emails, I love them! Sorry I didn't respond to some of them last week - there were a few that I didn't get until today. Sometimes myldsmail doesn't work very well and emails don't come through for a while. But I promise I love you all ;)

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Chantelle with her engagement! Gahh I am so ridiculously excited for her. Does she have a date? Also her fiancée looks awesome, I am so excited to meet him!

It was a good week, nothing too crazy but lots of good stuff, and I love working with Sister Barker here in Des Moines! Also the weather was better this week, which helped a lot haha. Not to mention we also started listening to Christmas music already and Alfie Boe's heavenly voice has been gracing my ears...hahaha. Gotta love having a companion who's mom is in MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) so she has all the good CD's! :)

So, as for my week...

Monday: It was a fun p-day, and Sis Barker and I have a plan to go see/do one fun thing in Des Moines every p-day! I love it because I love going to see artsy/historical things but lots of times other people don't, and she totally does :) We saw the St. John's Basilica last week, which was really pretty and neat. This week we're going downtown to see the shops and sculpture garden, since she hasn't seen that. In the evening we also visited with a family because Sis Y asked us to come and share the "word" with her and her family...I love African families so much! :)

Sister Training Leaders at MLC...each companionship had a different "color," and ours was green...thus all the green between the two of us haha
Tuesday: We went to Iowa City for Mission Leadership Conference! It was a short one this transfer (only a half-day) because the whole transfer was planned around a mission tour, but then that mission tour got postponed until November, so we had to kind of make do! It was a really good meeting though, and MLC's always give me a little kick in the pants (uh, skirt?) to be a better missionary haha! I think I'm realizing more how short time I have left, and I really want to do my best these last couple of months! In the evening we had dinner with the Gardner's, visited a less-active/part-member family, and visited Sis. Z, another African lady who asked us to come see her because she's having to work a lot of Sundays and hasn't been able to come to church. Lots of Africans here can't read, so they rely on others to read to them. She is so super sweet and we love her to pieces!

Wednesday: We helped a lady with some things around her house. She is really sweet. Also it was really funny because I guess I had told her I'm from Arizona, but then as we were talking I mentioned being from the Bay Area, and she was confused at first...but when I explained it to her, she was like, "oh, I knew you had a sophisticated air about you, and I was so confused when you said you were from Arizona! because I've been there before and I was wondering if I missed that makes sense!" hahaha I thought it was so funny because (1) I'm pretty sure sophisticated is NOT the first word I would use to describe myself, and (2) her comment about Arizona just cracked me up. I hope it doesn't offend anyone, because I LOVE Arizona...I just thought it was hilarious. Later in the afternoon, we walked to Drake University to try to see if we could get involved there at all, but it seems like it'll be harder than we thought without being students ourselves. Cities are a little different than tiny towns :)
we stopped by the Graves' house right by the Osceola bldg. while waiting for the other sisters to get there at the end of our exchange, which was sweet because I got to see Sis Graves! And take pics with their corn because I don't see a lot of it in Des Moines and harvest will be here soon!

Thursday: Highlight of the day was teaching M, because we ended up teaching more of her family and making them investigators as well! You never know who's going to be there when you go to teach Africans. So we ended up teaching her and her boyfriend (she initially introduced him as her husband...but then when we asked when they were married, she said they're not...gah! we'll work on that haha), their two daughters, and then a little bit her sister and her boyfriend. It was sweet! I love them so much! Then after that we taught the lady we helped on Wednesday in the Christensen's home and had a really good lesson, and she is excited about her baptismal date for October 11! Then for dinner we went to another part-member family's home. The wife isn't a member and is a med student, and the husband is somewhat active. They were super fun and dinner was amazing!
Des Moines Stake Missionaires

Friday: Zone Conference! Again, it was a shortened one, but it was still great. I played piano for the hymns and mission song, and Sis Barker and I also did a musical number! We sang "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need," and Hermana Kimzey accompanied us. Let me tell ya, I'm a lot more comfortable behind the piano than singing, haha! It was a lot of fun though, and even though it wasn't perfect, I think it went well and we could definitely feel the Spirit - it's such a beautiful song! I feel super grateful every time I'm able to help with the music, because I feel like I've definitely never been the best, but Heavenly Father has magnified my talents in situations when that's been needed. And it brings me so much joy :) After ZC, we went on exchanges with the Lamoni sisters, only this time I stayed in Des Moines while Sis Barker went to Lamoni. I usually get really stressed staying in our area with another companion because then I kind of have to lead everything out myself, but I actually wasn't that stressed this time! I think I'm finally feeling more comfortable in Des Moines (finally, after already being here for over 3 months now!) :) We had a good exchange, I love being with Sis. Froerer. We taught Sis. R and are going to help her with her goals of going to the temple and getting her kids baptized before the end of the year, and visited a handful of other people who are doing very well! And, one of our girls is totally on date to be baptized in Cedar Rapids on October 11! If the timing works out between her baptism and another one we have scheduled, I might be able to go since we taught her basically all the lessons before she moved for school. It was so sweet to see her, I love her so much and missed her when she moved!

 the end of another exchange with Lamoni...check out how the companionships totally matched, NOT on purpose! :)
Saturday: We finished our exchange in the afternoon, which meant driving about 55 minutes to Osceola to meet up with the other sisters. That was fun...then we drove back to Des Moines and were about to go into another appointment, when Sis Barker was like, "OH NO!" and pulled out the Lamoni sisters' cell phone! She had been carrying it during the exchange and forgot to give it back to them haha! So that was a little crazy, but after dinner we drove to Truro (still about 40 min south of us, but not as far as Osceola, let alone Lamoni) and met up with Sis Arzani from the Osceola Ward, and gave her the phone to give to the sisters at church the next day. It was crazy getting it all figured out haha...we use our phones a ton!

Sunday: An investigator came to church with her boyfriend and son, and drove themselves!!! It was super exciting. But, their 2-year-old got sick in the middle of Sacrament Meeting and they had to leave, so that was disappointing. We also saw another less-active couple who talked to us about wanting to work towards going to the temple, and we had dinner with the Simon's and had a really good lesson with them. Overall it was a good day :)

The IDMM is focusing on the Book of Mormon this week and strengthening our personal testimonies of it, so we're all studying it exclusively during our personal studies and will be fasting about Moroni's promise on Sunday! I'm excited. I love what it talks about at the end of Ch. 5 in Preach My Gospel, that we should all regularly put Moroni's promise to the test to renew our testimonies of the Book of Mormon. Even if we already have a strong testimony of it, it can always be strengthened! I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the peace and guidance it's given me in my life! I know it's true and I love it a ton :)

I love you all! Thanks for being the best!!!

Sister Whipple

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