Friday, October 10, 2014

Meet the Mormons!


It's crazy to think that yet another week has gone by and I am on emailing yall again! Time flies by so quickly! It was really fun reading all your emails - thank you so much for them! You all are the best. 

Here are highlights from the week!
these sculptures are called "Back of a Snowman." So, back of a sister missionary...

Monday: We went to the sculpture garden during p-day. There are lots of homeless people around there, and one of them, when he asked us if we're Christian and we responded that yes, we're missionaries, ran up to us and kneeled down and asked for forgiveness, then proceeded to talk at us for about 15 minutes straight and tell us his whole life story haha! It was interesting. Always makes me super grateful for the life I have though - Elder Holland's talk really spoke to me after working with so many poor people here in Des Moines! Anyways, we took some fun pictures, which will follow :) We also watched the Restoration DVD with a family, which was fun. Movies work well with Africans! 

art is so weird - end of story :)
thumbs up for Des Moines
Tuesday: I had yet another fun day with the hermanas in their area for an exchange! That is always a treat. We were even fed dinner by Hermana Amaya, the same lady who has fed me almost every other time I've gone with the hermanas haha! I took a picture with her because I've gone over there more than I've gone to some of our ward members' homes haha. 

In the evening, we taught a sweet lady, who doesn't speak a lick of English. I felt pretty useless, as they were teaching the plan of salvation in Spanish and I could hardly even see the pamphlet I was holding because it was so dark in their house, so finally I got on the floor with her two crazy kids, ages 4 or 5 and 2 or 3, and played with them. I think I was a lot more helpful by keeping them distracted than trying to help teach haha! I showed them my plan of salvation cutouts, then went through almost every pamphlet with them and would point at the pictures and say, "quien es eso?" which I think means "Who is this?" but I'm not even sure haha. The older one would say, "papa" or "mama" at every man or woman, except when there was a picture of Christ, she would say "Cristo!" really excitedly. And then she'd give me a high-five, a fist-bump, and a head-bump, every time. It was great!

The two cute kids!
Hermanas Smoot, Andrews, and Kimzey. I had already put my hair up for the night haha
the post-exchange pic.
Wednesday: We went out with Sister Craypo and she drove us around to see several less-actives we haven't been able to contact, which was good. One lady has a 9-year-old daughter who wants to be baptized, so hopefully we will start teaching her this week and bring them all back! Later we had another lesson with another couple, but the husband is definitely trying to convert us haha so we probably won't be going back there anymore.

Thursday: We got a phone call from the Walnut Hills sisters this morning, who were supposed to go on an exchange with us the next day, saying that plans had changed and they weren't really able to do the exchange the next day. We needed to do it this week, and with General Conference this weekend, we just decided to do it today! So it was super last-minute and I was a little stressed at first, but it was fun and it worked out. We started the exchange after our district meeting,and guess who came to Des Moines with me for the day? Sister Call, my trainer! haha it was great to spend the day with her, especially since she served in Des Moines for 6 months last winter. Sister Barker went to the Urbandale area with Sister Chirinos. We had a good day, and there were a couple people we visited who were super excited to see Sister Call, so that was fun to see :)

Friday: Another last-minute thing happened - President Jensen received a pre-release copy of Meet the Mormons, so he decided to get us all together to watch it before it comes out in theaters! Super fun :) It is a pretty exciting thing the Church is doing! They did a good job with the movie and it was pretty inspiring, so I'd definitely recommend it if it's showing in Arizona at all (I have no idea if it is or not)! It is showing in West Des Moines, so I'm excited that we get to invite people to go watch it. Hopefully people will be more open and have more questions for us after seeing it! It was really fun, and then afterwards we watched a DVD of pictures of all the baptisms in this mission in 2014 thus far, to motivate us to work even harder these last 3 months of the year!

However, we did have a really good member-present lesson with a new investigator! He's sooo sweet and totally is seeking for truth! Hopefully he is sincere and progresses!

Saturday: General Conference :) It was so wonderful, wasn't it?!! I loved the talk by that one member of the 70 who told us to take personal responsibility for our physical health (as well as a lot of other good stuff) - he was super bold and direct! I especially liked when he said that we shouldn't let our weaknesses demobilize us, because some of them we'll have our whole lives - and that's OK. There were so many other amazing talks too, I loved it!! It was fun watching it with the Craypo's for the morning and then eating a delicious lunch with them, then watching it at the stake center and seeing the other missionaries.

Sunday: More of General Conference! We stopped by a lady's house in the morning and successfully downloaded BYUtv on her Roku, and general conference was playing as we left :) In the afternoon, we watched it at the Voss' home, a member family, then had dinner with them afterwards. I loved it so much. I love General Conference!!!! Oh and it was super fun because Sister Barker and I would basically cheer every time her mom was shown in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir :) We spent the evening contacting some potentials/investigators we haven't been able to contact in a while, and also found some new potentials, including a sweet household of a 17-year-old daughter, a mom, and a grandma. It was really good!

This morning Sister Barker and I read through the Plan of Salvation lesson in Preach My Gospel. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's plan! It is so perfect, and we are so blessed to know about it. We should be teaching it to a lady tonight, and are excited! I know that Heavenly Father wants each one of His children to return home to Him, and He wants to give us all that He has. He and our Savior Jesus Christ are so amazing! I love them so much!

And, I love you all so much. I seem to realize every day just how blessed I am with you. Thanks for being amazing. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Whipple

sleepover with the Walnut Hills sisters...funny story about that was that I totally thought about how I should be unselfish and give Sis Call my bed and me sleep on the floor, but I ignored that thought and went to my bed anyways. Well, at 2:45 I woke up feeling super stressed and couldn't sleep at all (someone was snoring and I was restless), so I went into the living room and wrapped a little quilt around me and fell sound asleep on the hard floor haha! I finally woke up about at about 4:45 and climbed back into my bed and slept fine at that point. I think I learned my lesson to just not be selfish in the first place ;) 

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