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don't tell President...but I found myself a boyfriend! His name is John Wayne.
Transfer calls are in, and I am...NOT getting transferred! Which means I am safe here in Des Moines and shouldn't get transferred the rest of my mission, because Sis Barker leaves at the end of this next transfer, and then I am next! I am happy. I love serving with Sister Barker, she is seriously SO wonderful. We have so much fun together.

 little boy in little Africa
Anyways, about our week...it was good! Unfortunately we still didn't get anyone to church on Sunday, so that's always a let-down because Sundays are like game days, but it's a new week yet again :) (oh ps, sorry I couldn't email yesterday - all the libraries were closed!)

covered bridge near Winterset...apparently these are really famous? and there was some movie made with them? So naturally we took a picture by one :)
On Tuesday, we went on another exchange with the Winterset sisters. This time, I went to the Winterset area. It was fun to see another area! It was a beautiful drive through the country - seriously so gorgeous! Sister Howard and I helped with BINGO, visited a lady in an assisted living facility who used to live in the Osceola Ward (that was super fun to see her again!), visited a recent convert of Sister Barker's from when she served in Winterset, and had dinner with a sweet lady. It was kind of a stressful exchange with some things going on, so I was exhausted by the end haha, but good things happened and I felt like I was able to help, which is always a good feeling :)

Winterset: birthplace of John Wayne :)
On Wednesday, we met a Karen family from Thailand, who let us right in and sat us down! They are really sweet. Mostly they want us to teach them English though haha, but we did talk to the 19-year-old daughter,(she speaks really good English, but the rest of her family doesn't), about the Church and the Restoration, and she was pretty receptive. Her sweet mom, who hardly speaks a lick of English, gave us water and apples :)
From Friday through Sunday, Hermana Andrews served with us because her companions were sick. Actually, they were sick the entire week with high fevers, coughs, etc.! We took Hna Andrews with us to keep her healthy and also to keep her from going crazy from being inside for so long. She is in her first transfer, and was a lot of fun to have with us - we love her :)

On Friday we had a good lesson with an inactive lady and her 9-year-old daughter. She is super cute and totally wants to get baptized! Her mom wants her to get baptized too, but doesn't actually want to come to church with her...ugh. There are SO many of these situations here! It is a continual struggle because we don't want to deny people the ordinance of baptism, but it is also hard when they don't have a whole lot going for them within their home and everything! I like them a lot though, and we are hoping that as we teach the 9 year old, the mom will feel the Spirit and will be truly converted as well :)

Because we had Hna Andrews with us on Friday, we were able to go to a family in the Spanish branch, for cena! It was awesome. Hno Ortega is incredible and is such a good example of a righteous Priesthood leader in his home. I love their family so much and I could feel the Spirit so strongly in their home! I am so, so, so grateful for the amazing family that I grew up in.

Saturday was a day full of service! In the morning, we helped a family paint their living room (they're the family who attend the Unitarian Church and aren't really interested in converting, but are friendly and were willing to accept our service). They took us out to lunch afterwards :) Then in the afternoon, we helped another lady scrub her house to prepare it for painting as well. We saw her a few other times last week and had good lessons with her, and she had made a deal with us that if we helped her on Saturday with that project, then she'd come to the baptism that evening with us. It worked! And we were SO grateful. It was a huge blessing for all of us because (1) she came to a baptism!, (2) the baptism was in the Raccoon River Ward, which is the ward that Sis Barker served in for 7.5 months, and (3) the baptism was for Sis V's daughter-in-law, so Sis V and her son were there and I got to see them!! It was sooo wonderful - my heart was so full :) I have been wanting to see Sis Verro so badly after her husband passed away recently. And it is so incredible the miracle that happened with her daughter in law, because it was at Br. V's memorial service that she felt the Spirit and wanted to learn more about the gospel! It was so wonderful.

Sunday afternoon, we had another little miracle! We met a sweet member at a potential's apartment complex for a lesson, but when we knocked on her door, her husband answered and said that she was just getting out of the bath. This potential  was a referral from the elders, and she is super sweet but she's had to reschedule our appointments so many times, so I didn't want to have to reschedule again! For some reason, I asked if we could stop by in 10 minutes and if she'd be ready then. He agreed, but after I said that I felt really dumb and wondered if I had done the right thing...but it totally worked! We went back and she was all ready for us and we had a great lesson. She was a perfect member to bring because she used to be Baptist just like the girl we were teaching (I had forgotten that!), so the girl really connected with her. We also had Hna Andrews with us, who connected with her really well because she's basically a convert too, so it was great. Plus she basically invited herself to church - so we're really praying that she does actually come!!!

matchy matchy, so we took a picture :)
That's about it for now. I went to bed last night and woke up this morning feeling kind of stressed about how we're going to even get close to our goals and do everything we need to do here before we leave - it's funny because I feel like finals are coming up and I'm in the last-minute cram session! It's like I need to get everyone baptized and reach our goals and learn all I need to learn and become perfect in these last 3 months! haha but I know that that's not all possible right now, and I've definitely been learning to be more submissive and patient these last few weeks. I love it here and I love being a missionary. I am so grateful for the gospel and I know more than ever that it is true and that it brings so much happiness and peace!

I love you all so much :)

Sister Whipple

all the missionaries at the baptism! We get to go if we bring an investigator :)

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