Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hello loved ones!

Well, it's crazy to think that it's come down to this, but I went to my last transfer meeting (not counting when I go home) and got my last companion! She is Sister Devyn Matley, she's from Holiday, UT, and she is a doll. She reminds me so much of Sister Etherington, it is out of control haha! Good thing I love Sis Etherington, so it's all good :)
 Sisters Egbert, Matley (that's my new companion! haha), Browne, me, Pratt, Rogers, and Barker :) I look super funny haha.

The last few days with Sister Barker were great. I miss her already! We FINALLY got to see a lady we've been working with, and she is still wonderful and wants to get baptized! Things got complicated with her son's dad coming back into the picture, but she came to church and BORE HER TESTIMONY. It was so cool. She is the sweetest person ever! Also she's like the best fellowshipped person - the ward loves her. Sister M, a lady in the ward, has totally taken her under her wing, it is incredible. She even took her to Thanksgiving dinner with her last week! I'm so grateful.

On Monday, the Craypo's took us to Indian food for dinner. It was delicious.

Thursday was transfers. There were 21 missionaries returning home, which is the largest group they've ever had coming from here. We returned home just in time to drop off Sis. Matley's things and go straight to the church for the Relief Society Christmas activity! It was a really nice event, and was fun for Sis. Matley to go on her first evening in Des Moines.

We worked with our investigator, J,a lot this week. She finally opened up about some struggles she's been having. She's so sweet but she's just feeling really confused about everything. Sister Call (bless her heart) drove her to watch the Christmas devotional with us at the stake center, which was awesome. It was crazy though because J had a panic attack during the broadcast, and I've never really seen anything like that before. I just put my arm around her and held her hand and tried to calm her down until she was OK again. I am learning a lot from her, that's for sure! She probably won't be getting baptized on the 20th, but hopefully will get there soon.

Church yesterday was perfect for me - the Spirit was so strong. I was really grateful for the opportunity to fast too - it didn't even seem hard, which is a big deal for me haha! I had been struggling with feeling like I'm not fulfilling my purpose or doing well enough or setting a good enough example, and just having faith and not getting discouraged. And everything at church just seemed directed towards me and my needs (funny how that happens). I also asked Elder Curless, one of the missionaries in the ward, to give me a blessing, and it was wonderful. I really am happy and I'm doing fine, I just felt like I needed an extra boost to help me in my last transfer. I am excited to give it everything I've got, because I have nothing I need to hold back! I am in the final sprint now, and I am going to do my very best and have faith and believe in miracles :)

Yesterday after the devotional, we decided to swing by the mission home to say hi because it is literally just around the corner. We debated a little whether we should or not, but we decided to just go for it. It was awesome haha! President Jensen came to the door holding a fudgesicle and was like, "come on in and have a fudgesicle with me!" In my letter from President today, it said, "It was great to see you tonight and to share a fudgesicle in the cold Iowa winter." haha I love him and Sister Jensen so much!

I'm so grateful for the Atonement and I know that it's real! I'm grateful for this Christmas season. It's a wonderful time to be representing Jesus Christ. I love you all so much :)

Sister Whipple

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