Monday, December 15, 2014

more miracles

Well hello!

I guess I better get down to business and crank out this letter. Sorry that I spent so much time on the other stuff (figuring out school, etc.) that I am running out of time for this!

Well the week before last, our numbers were pretty low with transfers and everything...and this week went up again! It was exciting. We found a lot of investigators and also had the hugest miracle! It started on Wednesday, when we were on exchanges with the Winterset sisters. I was with Sister Robinson, who is just the greatest! We went to go contact a media referral. Turns out that she is the sister of a lady we know, who has been in the hospital from her stroke...and we had just visited her that day that we went and saw this new lady! She told us that she was taught in Arizona and had a baptismal date but had to move last-minute (Africans do that so much) and came here. She has three kids, the oldest being 9 years old - so she was like, "my daughter will baptize with me too!" On that first visit, she explained to us why we need prophets and how she knows that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. The next day, Sister Matley and I went over and reviewed the baptismal interview questions and invited her to be baptized on Dec. 27!  We called the Mission President to see if he could give her an interview but it took a while to get a hold of him because he was in Nauvoo and the service is terrible there, so finally we talked to him on like Friday and found out that he will only be in Des Moines for a couple days. So he called us Sunday morning and was like, "will she be at church? Can I come interview her at 12:45 today?" We couldn't say no, so during gospel principles Sis Matley took her out, taught her the law of chastity and tithing and Sabbath day (she already knew them all, thankfully), and she was interviewed and passed! So in less than a week, we found a new investigator who already passed her baptismal interview :) It's been crazy, but so amazing!

Tuesday was the Christmas zone conference :) It was amazing - those are the best ever! I was asked the Saturday before to accompany a musical number...naturally :) Sister Barney (serving in Ames) was asked to sing, but we didn't have anything specific in mind and only had a couple days...thankfully I had "O Holy Night" from playing that last year with Sis Etherington, so she sang that and it was beautiful :) We also watched "Ephraim's Rescue" again and I cried haha - since getting closer to the end, my tears run more's weird ;) We also did skits, and I helped with two of district did a really fun one of Ammon and Aaron. Two of our elders changed the words to the song "Tribute" (don't know it) and made it fit perfectly with the story, so it was a lot of fun. I also helped with my previous district...they did an epic spin-off of Star Wars (I don't even like the word epic but it's really the only word that fit it haha!) in which Anakin was Nephi, etc., and I played bits and pieces of the Star Wars music that one of the elders obtained and gave me. It was really fun.

I've been stressed about a lady we've been teaching, but on a lighter note, have you all seen the "He is the Gift" video? I'm sure it's all over social media haha. We have a bunch of cards promoting it that we've been handing out, and it's awesome! They are the easiest pass-along cards to hand out. We walked around Drake University and handed a bunch out, which was a lot of fun. It's such a non-threatening thing that I'm super grateful for!

I think that's about all I have time for. Except one funny lesson we had Saturday night when we taught three Muslims from Iraq and they were all yelling over each other in Arabic and were spraying Febreze because it smelled like fish and were just soooo funny. Sister Matley and I struggled to not lose it and crack up during the lesson! :)

I love you all so much. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing us a ton and I am so grateful to Him! Sometimes I just can't get over all the miracles that happen all the time. The gospel is true! I'm so grateful to be sharing the message of Christ during Christmas! I love you!!

Sister Whipple

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