Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sister Waffle

stake Christmas concert
Hello there!

Well as you (well, at least you of the family) know, this week I decided to go back to San Jose after the mish and do the internship with Sister Gubler's company. And for any non-family members reading this, that was a last-minute change of plans and I should be back in Utah come spring term! It was super hard to decide. Maybe I made the wrong decision, maybe I made the right decision, but it's too late to change now!...and even though I am sad I won't be back in Utah, I am super excited for this opportunity in San Jose! I think it will be really great. Thanks for supporting me either way.

This week was good! The whole transfer honestly has been so crazy. It's definitely been one of the busiest, most stressful times of my mission, but it is good - Heavenly Father's not letting me off easy, and I am grateful for that.

MLC sisters - Christmas tree & gifts :)
So, Tuesday was MLC in Iowa City, which was fun! And that meant that most of our Thursday and Friday were spent at three different zone training meetings. It was the hardest ZTM set I've had to plan for, because the zone leaders each asked us to train on slightly different things. It was fun :) Depending on the zone, we presented Sister Jensen's training on some scriptures about missionary work and the "He is the Gift" initiative, as well as President's training on Jesus Christ and also some of the attributes of Satan and how they are opposing. It was interesting, especially since at MLC the report and items of discussion took SO long, so the trainings we received were super short and summarized! But the Spirit was strong and Heavenly Father helped us for sure :)  

Christmas decorations 
Two girls we are working with are still doing great and are excited for their baptism on Saturday!! One of them totally stood up in church when they announced her baptism haha...I LOVE when unconventional things happen at church. They were both interviewed by our district leader on Saturday, and then we faced the daunting task of filling out the baptismal record when she doesn't know how to spell where she came from or her children's names or know her parents' birth dates or anything like that...haha, gotta love it :) We are so excited. Oh also, they call me "Sister Waffle," which is super cute and I kind of love it :)

We also found a sweet new investigator on Friday! We are super blessed in Des Moines and seem to receive more media referrals than other parts of the mission (at least, than my other areas!). Amy (name has been changed) was one of those, and her friend in another part of Des Moines (not in our ward) has been talking to her about the church and apparently told her that when she was ready, that she'd "stick the missionaries" on her. Well, after about a year of studying, Amy said that she was ready! So we've only taught her once but she came to church on Sunday and seemed to really like it :) We will set a baptismal date with her this week!

closest thing I can get to holding a baby!
On Saturday, both two ladies came to a baptism that the assistants were having, so that was really good. We had four investigators at church yesterday. With everyone leaving for Christmas, it was crazy trying to find them all rides...and then Sister Anderson, our RS president, texted us at about 10:30 and said that her car battery died! And she was the one taking one of the investigator's family of four! We were at the church already, and sweet Br. Vela, who was also there, jumped into his car and went and picked them up. We were so, so grateful. With their baptism on Saturday, it was so crucial for them to be there! 

I'm so excited to talk to you guys on Christmas! 

I love you all so much! Thanks for everything you do. I am so grateful to be a missionary and I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and everything that comes along with having the restored gospel of Jesus Christ on earth today! Talk to you soon. :)

Sister Whipple

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