Thursday, January 8, 2015

"We say these things"

acting out the Nativity with the Andelin's :) we didn't take a ton of cool pictures this week, so I thought I'd just include this from last week since I forgot it :)

Hello lovelies,

So I bore my testimony in church yesterday, and I've become such an awkward missionary that I accidently went from saying "I know..." to "we know..." and was like, "we say these, I say these things in the name..." haha I looked at Sis. Matley across the chapel and we both almost started laughing :)

Anyways, Sis. Matley and I had a good week! Honestly this has been probably the busiest transfer of my mission, which is a blessing for sure, but you might have to drag me off the plane - I'm exhausted! :) Thanks for all the encouraging emails - they mean so much and help me to be motivated and pumped once again :)

We went on two exchanges this week - one with Walnut Hills, the other with Winterset. Walnut Hills was on Tuesday; I went with Sister Morris, a brand new missionary, in their area. She is amazing, I love her...but I definitely learned a lot because it was not an easy exchange, haha! They had three baptisms the first three weeks of the transfer, but now they don't really have any investigators, so we spent the entire day, minus the time in the evening that we had dinner and went to a baptism, walking and "finding." I guess I forgot how to prepare for doing that in 6 degree weather, because I felt colder than ever! I don't know how the pioneers did it, because I was in warm winter boots, gloves, puffy coat, layers of shirts, leggings, etc., and I thought I was going to die hahaha. It was good though! After the exchange was over, I didn't feel like I had been much help, so I spent some time praying about how to help them (because I don't know how they do that every day, and it's just getting colder!), and I was able to come up with a list of ideas to help them find people to teach and mix up their activities. I was really grateful that Heavenly Father helped me with that, because I felt a lot better after giving them that list :)

For the exchange with Winterset, I stayed here with Sis. Howard. I learned a lot from that one too :) Thankfully we had some good appointments, so even though we still did some finding, we were able to keep busy and have some sweet lessons :) We finished our exchange by all meeting up at Smokey Row for lunch...Sis. Barker and I ate lunch their for her 18th click day, and Saturday was mine, so we kept it as a tradition :)

For New Year's Eve, Sis. Strayer picked us up (since our cars were grounded at 6) and took us to her apartment, where we enjoyed dinner and some time with her. That was about it - we definitely still enjoyed going to bed at 10:30 PM :)

In other exciting news, gas is down to $1.89 around here, and I'm going to the Nauvoo temple tomorrow with President and Sister Jensen and the other departing missionaries :) I'm not excited to be leaving the mission, but I sure am excited for the temple and this trip! :)

This gospel changes lives, that's for sure. A girl we are working with and getting baptized soon, always talks about how happy we all are, and I know that that's because we have hope and we know the Plan of Salvation and everything that comes along with having the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I'm so grateful for that. I love you soooo much!

Sister Whipple

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