Saturday, March 14, 2015

So blessed!

Well...I think it's about time I end my blogging hiatus! After a year and a half of my sweet sister updating my blog every week, it's been harder than I expected getting back into actually doing it myself haha (that said, Jenessa, if you ever feel like updating my blog my guest!). At first I was waiting for that "perfect" time to update it, with something profound or something, but of course that meant just procrastinating it further. Well folks, it's time. Hannah is back :)

That said, I was just overwhelmed this morning by how blessed I am! Coming off the mission is never easy of course, but life isn't meant to be easy, and I am so grateful for how much Heavenly Father has helped and supported me, and all the incredible opportunities He's given me and amazing people He's put in my life. It is amazing how much He loves His children!

So let's just pick up where the last post ended, almost 2 months ago to the day :)

Last week of the mish:
ok so this wasn't actually the last week, but I kept forgetting to send it home. so here you go :)
My SISTER got to come see me on my last proselyting day as a missionary! Guys, this is like, UNHEARD of. It was amazing. We got to go to a dinner appointment and teach a lesson side by side. So grateful for that she moved to Kansas and was so close so she was able to do that! Thanks Momma Jensen!

Last week = lots of goodbyes, including the sweet Ramm family

my wonderful companion, Sis Matley!

Soooo needless to say, by the time we made it to the mission home, we were exhausted! It wasn't over yet though...the evening was full of testimonies, pictures, final interviews with President Jensen, delicious food, and lots of laughs about how much we loooove Iowa.

In the airport headed to Arizona with Elder Jackson and Sister Paul
Coming many emotions :) 

 The awesome signs they were holding:

After being officially released...I'm surprised (and grateful!) that my face isn't super red from crying haha
Homecoming Sunday with my cute little sister...who apparently is taller than me now :)

In the next couple of weeks, two others we were teaching when I left got baptized! My heart was full from knowing that, of course, the work goes on :) Miracles!!



First week home: Mesa, Arizona!
The first thing I did when I got home? Tore off my black tights! I forgot how warm January in Arizona can be!

KJ's swim meet :) I was so happy that not only was I not wearing a snow coat and boots...I wasn't even wearing a SWEATER!
on the way to church with these sweet boys :)

I was so happy to finally hold a baby again haha :) Thanks to Lana and Levi, it was the cutest baby ever!
Gilbert, AZ temple

Week 2 (and on): San Jose, CA
One week to the day of coming home, my incredible mother and Kristina drove me out to San Jose - my old stomping ground! I can't get over how blessed I am here. Because I came home two weeks after BYU winter semester started, I decided to not start school until spring. I am now working as a financial analyst intern at Hedge Trackers, LLC, where I am blessed with some amazing co-workers and am learning so much! I am also incredibly blessed to be able to live with the amazing Dean family! They treat me like a daughter/sister and I couldn't be more lucky than to live with them. Being here has meant re-connecting with old friends, meeting lots of new people through the YSA ward and institute, and enjoying the beautiful sights of the Bay Area!

best babysitting job ever. And, I was a super good cheerleader. Just sayin. :)

loved seeing these boys again -
they are seriously like my brothers!

I love love love going on hikes on Saturday morning! I just can't get over how beautiful it is here.

DG! I love this girl. So glad we've stayed in touch :)

thanks to Jen working for the Shark's, she's able to hook us up with free tickets! Go Sharks!

Naomi! friends since Castlemont :)
Kaleigh Butler, at the Oakland Temple :)

FHE fun...yeah, these people have a SLIDE in their HOUSE!
it's really been amazing being able to come back to the temple I grew up going to!

view from the Oakland Temple

I LOVE hanging with the sister missionaries! They are seriously the greatest friends to have haha

more FHE fun

and, I get to hang out with these cool kats. or dogs. But I love them haha!

naturally, the Bay Area wouldn't be complete without plenty of Asian food...

and today...


Victor is graduating and we're all going out! Family reunion for the win. It's been way too long. I seriously cannot wait!

As a final note, I bought new shoes today! (I had a picture, but I can't seem to upload it for some reason...) That might seem like a weird "final note" thing to share, but there were so many tender mercies. I told the lady working there that I needed new running shoes because mine are so old that they are painful, and she was sooo nice. She tried a few on me, and they felt so good! And then I realized...the pair I liked was $160. NO WAY could I pay that! She was SO understanding and was like, oh, let me go see if I can find some marked-down shoes for you! She found some that were half the price and still felt wonderful. Plus one of my co-workers gave me a 10% off coupon. The best part, though, was while we were talking, I mentioned that I just got back from my mission. She was like, "Are you Christian?" when I responded positively, she got all excited and was like, "Me too!" and told me all about how and why she decided to get baptized a couple years ago. It was so sweet. We shared some experiences together about how good God is to each of us, and I was able to give her a #BecauseHeLives Easter card. She was so happy to take it, and I left feeling like we were meant to meet this morning.

Heavenly Father's hand is in each of our lives. That I know! He loves us and He wants us to be happy. I am so grateful for these last couple of months, as my relationship with my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ has continued to grow and deepen. I am so grateful for them!