Thursday, April 2, 2015

we're good!

today as I was leaving work, I was walking to my car in the semi-sketchy (but not really) parking garage, and I saw a young man just "chilling." I had a thought that I should give him a #becauseHelives card for Easter (apparently I still enjoy the thrill that comes from handing complete strangers cards with pictures of Jesus on them), so I walked up to him, handed it to him, wished him and his buddy a Happy Easter, and walked away. As I was pulling out, his buddy waved at me and nodded and smiled in kind of a "knowing" kind of way...and I freaked out because I remembered writing something on the back of the card the other day - my number?! Had I really just given my number to two strange young men sitting in the parking garage?! Basically I freaked out and felt super dumb and said a prayer that no creepy phone calls would be coming my way.

Until I remembered that I'm not a missionary anymore and I don't write my number on pass-along cards anymore - I just write cute, little, nonthreatening notes!

Wooh! We're goooood.

But seriously, after thinking today a little bit about how many mistakes I've made in my 22 years thus far (like almost giving my number to strange men), and how many I know I'll continue to make, I am that much more grateful for the sacrifice that my Savior Jesus Christ made for me and for all of us - that He gives us fresh starts and new beginnings, and that through Him, there is always hope. Happy Easter weekend!