Sunday, June 21, 2015

some happy, grateful thoughts...just because

Seeing how I hardly even really HAVE a blog anymore, I found these two little journal entries from my time at home these past couple of weeks, and thought I'd post them here. Why? I don't know, maybe just as a really quick way to actually update my blog. That and to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my dad! He really is the most incredible man I know, and I honestly don't know how he does what he does. He is basically a really huge miracle in my life (well I guess technically I'm a miracle in his life, seeing how I came to him and not the other way around...but either way, he works miracles in my life all the time!). And I think there is one line in my journal entries that mentions him, so it counts for today.

Fri, May 29:

Today, I am incredibly grateful for my family and the time I've been able to spend with them these past 2 weeks. I am so grateful that all most post-travel class work was independent study and that my research assistant professor allowed me to work remotely so that I could come home for a much-needed respite. I'm grateful for a family who allowed me to come home and study, who didn't have any expectations but just let me be myself and do what I needed to do, and who don’t judge me for having forgotten most of my piano skills! I'm grateful for parents who fed me, helped me fix my car, and otherwise get my life in order! I'm constantly amazed by my incredible mom and how she studies through the evening after taking care of her family all day, and how my dad seems to make everything run so seamlessly and never doesn't have time to help us out even as he works so hard to support the family. Plus I love that he still thinks I'm 21 even though I'm almost 23. I am grateful for the time I could spend with the best little brother anyone could ask for, especially as we sat side by side doing our homework because we're both lucky enough to be in summer classes. I'm grateful for my little sister who will always be the sunshine in our family. I’m grateful for Lola and how she just follows us around all day and is the best companion. And I'm grateful that we all get to be together a little longer in Utah!

Wed June 3:
Tonight was practically perfect. After feeling very productive and accomplished from the day's work, I set the table and helped mom finish making dinner, then we all (Mom, Dad, Victor, and I) ate dinner around the table in the sunroom. While still around the dinner table, I grabbed the Book of Mormon and read half a chapter, and Victor read the other half. Then he and I went on a bike ride along the canal and through the neighborhoods in the beautiful, perfect weather. I listened to my favorite Pandora station as I cleaned the kitchen and boiled eggs so Mom will have some when she needs, and Victor finished his homework nearby. Then I ate a dark chocolate Klondike bar with my feet in the pool and Lola next to me...and I even let her lick the ice cream off my fingers. Then I went through some old piano music and had such a nice time playing and singing at the piano. I still had lots of energy, so I stayed up and finished the last two chapters of my international business textbook and quizzes, and overall had an average score of 96% for all 20 quizzes. I celebrated by eating cold cereal out of a mug and reading "Wesley the Owl" :)

...and now a picture stolen from my sister's blog, because blogposts without pictures and with this many words are boring.
see this family? yeah...they rock. and I'm eternally grateful for them.

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  1. Love you! Glad you had some great days at home. AND that you recorded them!