Monday, May 2, 2016

How I Know I'm in Iowa (and Missouri)

I visited Iowa last weekend*. It was so great--but of course it was, bc Iowa. I don't have any pictures because I lost my phone in the Chicago O'Hare Airport on my way there (plot twist! I got it back a few days later!), but it sure was one nostalgic walk through the Des Moines Airport both on my way in--going down the escalator where I caught my first glimpse of my mission president and his wife almost 3 years ago--and on my way out--going back up the escalator where I cried because I had just said goodbye to some of my favorite people in the world. Anyways, while I was there I came up with a list of ways I knew that I was in Iowa (and Missouri, because much of my time was there too!). I hope this doesn't offend anyone, because I loved it all like crazy ;)

  • spotting a man in a cowboy hat just chillin on his porch
  • drivers waving as you pass by
  • seeing more cows and sheep than people
  • cowboots at church (love it)
  • "couple three"
  • nighttime thunderstorm
  • non-stop wind
  • getting stuck behind a horse and buggy
  • getting stuck behind a tractor
  • going on a walk and not seeing anything but farmland
  • a main topic of conversation being speculations about the upcoming weather
  • spotting bald eagles and turkey vultures
  • tons of Hawkeyes and Cyclones gear
  • plenty of pit stops at the best gas stations ever
  • the nicest, most wonderful people ever :)

Until next time!

*please don't be sad if I didn't get to see you! I was going for a sealing and didn't have the means or time (or energy, because I was super jet-lagged) to travel to other areas. but you know that I love you <3

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